Four-Legged Gourmet Feed Reviews

Everyone knows the good old joke about a cat and buckwheat.

Do you remember? Once the owners of their cat decided to train buckwheat. On the first day, the cat sniffed fastidiously: “Fu, buckwheat”, on the second day he was surprised: “Again buckwheat?”, And on the third he rejoiced: “Oh! Buckwheat!”

So this joke has a sequel!

On the fourth day, the owners put semolina into the cat’s bowl, the cat came up and was indignant: “And where is my buckwheat ?!”

For gourmet cats, our next story.

Brand history

Feline food "Four-Legged Gourmet" appeared on the shelves of pet stores in 2005. It is produced by a specialized Zelenograd enterprise (Russia), which has made a name for itself on feed for cats, dogs and ferrets. The concept of the manufacturing company involves the use of exclusively natural ingredients, so the creators of the feed claim to be awarded the title of super-premium class.

Feed "Four-Legged Gourmet"

“Four-legged Gourmet” does not produce dry food in principle, but wet food is represented in several precious lines. It is not for nothing that we mentioned this word. Manufacturers gave their products simply jewelry names.


So, the Golden line line is in good demand. The peculiarity of these wet canned foods is that it is a monomen - in the composition of meat is only one species of Human grade. Jars are standard, they have 100 grams of pure protein. "Golden line" is available for both cats and kittens. Canned food for babies combines two types of meat and a cocktail of vitamins and minerals. "Golden line" is a natural chicken, turkey, beef, veal, chicken in jelly in combination with catnip and giblets.

The "Platinum Line" for cats already contains by-products, but manufacturers emphasize that they are very clean and pleasantly smelling offal. In total, in a jar of 240 g each, gourmet cats are invited to taste turkey hearts and liver in jelly.

The Silver Line is a menu of seafood and sea fish. These feeds are additionally enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Jars are produced in a volume of 100 g and delicious filling of beef, rabbit, chicken, turkey in a duet with crab and shrimp.

The Meat Assorted line is the first product of the company, a subject of special pride. In the composition you will find neither cereals, nor vegetables, nor legumes - meat, offal, vegetable oil, taurine and, perhaps, seaweed. "Assorted meat" is available for both kittens and adult animals and is available in cans weighing 100 and 340 g. Lamb, chicken, turkey, quail, beef, tongue, tripe - in general, there are plenty to choose from.

Such a dish as "Meat Slices" the manufacturer laid out in spiders (weighing 100 grams) and cans (weighing 240 grams and 400 grams). This line also has separate positions for babies and adult animals.

And for cats-fussy and for spoiled kittens, “Four-legged Gourmet” produces pate, however, as a main meal, the pate is not suitable, but as a treat for a snack, it is quite suitable.

The benefits of food "Four-Legged Gourmet"

In order to be objective in the assessment of food for cats "Four-Footed Gourmet", we reviewed a lot of reviews. And if the manufacturer writes a lot and loudly about his pluses, then the shortcomings pop up only in the process of opening a jar of food. But first things first.

Of the obvious benefits of the Four-Footed Gourmet:

  • a large and honest percentage of meat in the composition;
  • lack of artificial fragrances and flavor enhancers;
  • additional fortification and mineralization;
  • taste variety;
  • reasonable cost;
  • the food is not allergenic and the reviews of veterinarians about the food for cats "Four-Legged Gourmet" confirm this.

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But we found the flaws by reviewing and summarizing the reviews about the Four-Legged Gourmet cat food for those owners who tried to feed their pets elegantly and healthy:

  • lack of dry food;
  • low availability on sale;
  • different quality of canned food in jars of 100 g and 400 g;
  • too dense consistency;
  • specific smell;
  • a large amount of beef fat;
  • a large amount of jelly;
  • poor edibility of feed.

Reviews of cats and veterinarians

Asya writes: “Mostly my cats eat drying, but I decided to partially transfer it to wet food. The Four-Legged Gourmet became pioneers with us. I bought cold cuts. The can is opened in one motion, but if the cat doesn’t eat everything right away, then we need to shift the contents to glass dishes, since the shelf life in the jar is 1 day. Inside the jar there was a decent stuffing, I even licked it and was glad that it was tasty. And the cat licked and refused to eat. I didn’t buy it anymore. "

Tatyana: “I bought the Four-Legged Gourmet several times. Because it is not expensive and the composition is good. All the same, the meat is 50%! I noticed that the kitten food is much better in composition and consistency. My cat eats, but without much excitement. I think he’s embarrassed by the smell, very reminiscent of stagnant jelly. "

Igor: “My cat is the“ Four-Legged Gourmet ”with pleasure. Only I preliminary try to remove the frozen pieces of beef fat. Sometimes it is necessary to knead the contents strongly with a fork, because for no reason it may turn out that the meat in the jar is too pressed. Jars are enough times by three. There are no problems with stools and hair. "


Russian-made feeds rarely hit the shelves of Ukrainian pet stores and Four-Footed Gourmet is no exception.

However, it is not sold everywhere in Russian stores. The easiest way, of course, is to order Four-Legged Gourmet online.

So, canned food "Golden Line" cost 79 rubles.

"Silver Line" - 75 rubles.

"Platinum" canned food is sold for 110 rubles.

A package of spiders (18 pcs) - 400 rubles.

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