Gestrenol for cats

He is a cat, of which there are few, she knows it,

And he is perfect for her.

And there would be no arguing ... But this does not happen:

Cat love with March passes.

We found these lines on the Internet. And here is the answer to the question: “What if March took the pet and its owners by surprise?” You will find in this article.

Especially for such cases, the pharmaceutical industry produces contraceptives for cats.

Gestrenol tablets for cats - just such a tool, which is based on analogues of natural feline hormones.

Active ingredients Gestrenol - mepregenol propionate and ethinyl estadiol. Their combined action reduces the amount of natural hormones of the animal by fifty times!

Gestrenol for cats is available in strips of 10 tablets.

Instructions for use

Gestrenol is a multifunctional contraceptive. It is prescribed:

  • for correction of behavior in cats and cats;
  • for the regulation of sexual arousal;
  • to delay unwanted estrus;
  • to prevent unwanted pregnancy.


Depending on the hopes placed on the drug Gestrenol, the developers offer different dosage regimens.

How to take gestrenol for catsif you need to reduce sexual arousal?

1-2 tablets are put on the root of the tongue for five days.

Dosage that prolongs the calming effect - 1 tablet for 3 days.

To protect against unwanted pregnancy within a day or two after mating, the drug is given in the amount of 2 tablets in one dose twice a day.


Storage of the drug should take place in a dry and dark place, away from children and animals at a temperature of 0 ° C to 25 ° C. Shelf life is 3 years.

Benefits of the drug

Manufacturers claim that Gestrenol for cats is the only known contraceptive, created taking into account the physiological characteristics of the cat's body.

Of the advantages, we also mention:

  • the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancy;
  • the ability to adjust estrus time;
  • low concentration of the complex of active substances;
  • division of the line into the "male" and "female" drug;
  • complete restoration of the reproductive ability of the animal 3 months after discontinuation of gestrenol.

Contraindications and side effects

Below is a list of those cases when Gestrenol for cats is not recommended:

  • animals that have not reached puberty (i.e., gestrenol is not safe for kittens);
  • pregnant cats;
  • lactating cats;
  • animals with IBD;
  • animals with diabetes;
  • animals with neoplasms;
  • animals with pathological conditions of the reproductive system;
  • animals with hypersensitivity to any of the components of gestrenol.


The preparation intended for cats is categorically not suitable for cats!

Reviews of gestrenol for cats

Valera: “March has been a problem month for us for 12 years. Our Siamese cat screams, scratches all furniture, puddles will come near the threshold - sometimes it’s simply unbearable! In desperation, they turned to the veterinarian and were advised Gestrenol tablets. Instructions on Gestrenol tell us that cats need to be given those pills that are in red packaging. The question before us was how to give the drug, because our cat is very scratchy and tricky (she sometimes spat out pills that were not swallowed). But we got used to pushing the medicine and noticed that after a day When four cat calmed down. That is, we realized that the tool works, but not as fast as it "would ideally.

Sasha: “Sexual hunting takes place in every house where a non-neutered cat lives. Ours took the habit of marking the territory and the smell, of course, was disgusting. We did not want to sterilize the cat, so we bought blue Gestrenol and noticed the effect three days after the first dose. The cat stopped marking the territory, began to sleep more. In general, I advise Gestrenol. "

Eugene: “At one time we did special injections to the cat, but then they were gone in our city and I ventured to switch to Gestrenol tablets. The effect of taking the first package lasted a month. Just in case, I took medicine in reserve and as soon as I heard the first cat songs, I immediately give a serving of Gestrenol. It helps, sometimes we don’t even use the packaging completely. "

Price of gestrenol for cats

A package of 10 tablets of the drug Gestrenol in Russia costs 52 rubles.

The price of packing Gestrenol in Ukraine is 17 hryvnias.

Analogues of the drug

Contraceptives for cats are also such well-known drugs:

  • Stop sex (tablets and syrup);
  • Sex barrier;
  • EX-7.5;
  • EX-5;
  • Contra sex;
  • Libidomin.

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