Cat Food Go

Good, truly high-quality, perfectly balanced cat food - that’s how you can briefly describe the Go Natural cat food line. These feeds are produced in Canada and are marketed as holistic food. All the ingredients from which crackers are made are suitable in quality for human nutrition. The composition and dosage of the components is calculated taking into account the digestion of our baleen and tailed pets.

Go's cat food contains probiotics, minerals, and vitamins. The concept is based on the use of only fresh ingredients - meat and agricultural products. The selection of raw materials of the highest quality is the main mission of the company.

"A new era in feed history" is what Petcurean manufacturers write about themselves. The high quality of Go Natural formulations is ensured by observing three principles:

  1. Release of goods in small batches.
  2. Steaming.
  3. Processing at low temperatures (no more than 90 degrees).

It is these three principles that maximize the preservation of the beneficial qualities of the ingredients.

Types of feed

In Russia, Ukraine and other countries you can purchase only 4 varieties of feed Go. It is easy to distinguish them from each other - by the strip marker on the package:

  1. Feed GO! Fit + Free (purple marker) is presented with grain-free food for kittens and cats based on four types of meat (chicken, turkey, salmon and duck).
  2. Feed Go! Sensitivity + Shine (green marker) - grain-free food for cats of any age, with sensitive digestion, based on salmon and trout.
  3. Feed Go! Sensitivity + Shine Limited Ingredient (yellow marker) is a grain-free cat food for animals with sensitive digestion, the main ingredient of which is a fresh duck.
  4. Feed Go! Daily Defense is suitable for kittens and cats. It is made on the basis of whole chicken, vegetables and fruits.

All these feeds are classified as dry. The disadvantage of the feed line is the lack of specialized formulations for older animals, for castrates, for obese cats.

Feed GO! Fit + Free Grain Free Chicken, Turkey, Duck Cat Recipe for kittens and cats

In this feed, proteins and fats are perfectly balanced, so it is ideal for daily feeding of your purr. Grains, like in any other Go! Brand feed, are not contained at all. The amount of carbohydrates is small, and therefore a fluffy family member does not gain excess weight, which means that the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system and liver is minimized.

The granules include prebiotics and probiotics, which contribute to excellent digestion. Feed Poop GO! Fit + Free Grain Free Chicken, Turkey, Duck Cat Recipe does not contain dyes, beef, and offal, which have a large volume, but a very low nutritional value. The manufacturer guarantees that all 4 types of meat are obtained from birds and fish grown without hormonal nutrition.

The normal functioning of the heart and the health of the visual system is ensured by taurine, and EPA and DHA (eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids) are added to the feed to improve neuronal conductivity. The excellent condition of the skin and coat is guaranteed by the polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. Antioxidants are added to the granules to strengthen the immune system.

Proteins in granules are at least 46%, fats - about 18%. Fiber content - not more than 1.5%.

Calories: 4298 kcal per 1 kilogram of the finished product

Price (in Russian rubles as of May 2018):

  • 7.26 kg - 3300-3600 r .;
  • 3.63 kg - 2000-2350 p.;
  • 1.82 kg - 1500-1700 p .;
  • 230 g - 220-250 p.

Feed Go! Sensitivity + Shine Grain Free Freshwater Trout & Salmon Cat Recipe for kittens and cats

The food is intended for animals with sensitive digestion. The granules are made on the basis of salmon and trout meat with the addition of herring, potatoes and spinach. Veterinarians recommend Gow Sensitivity + Shine for cats with long hair.

For health, taurine, pre- and probiotics, omega oils, antioxidants are added to croquettes. The food does not contain by-products, dyes and artificial preservatives. Most cats like this product to taste, they quickly get used to it.

Protein content - not less than 48%, fat - 18%, fiber - not more than 1.5%.

Calorie content 4444 kcal per 1 kilogram of the finished product.

Price (in Russian rubles for February 2018):

  • 7.26 kg - 3450-3700 r .;
  • 3.63 kg - 2000-2400 r .;
  • 1.82 kg - 1600-1850 p.;
  • 230 g - 250-300 p.

Feed Go! Sensitivity + Shine Limited Ingredient Duck Recipe

This food is for animals with sensitive digestion. This composition began to be released relatively recently, but it has already managed to win the respect of professional breeders and the love of many representatives of the family of feline. Protein content - not less than 31%, fat - 15%, fiber - not more than 3.5%.

The granules contain both fresh duck fillet and degraded meat of this bird, as well as dried eggs, slides, tapioca, pea flour, chickpeas, flax seeds, and salt. The food is enriched with vitamins A, D3, E, B12, potassium, phosphoric acid, calcium, copper, iron, iodine, manganese, taurine, beta-carotene, zinc and other components.

Calorie content: 4222 kcal per 1 kilogram of the finished product.

Price (in Russian rubles for February 2018):

  • 7.26 kg - 3600-3900 r .;
  • 3.63 kg - 2350-2500 r .;
  • 1.82 kg - 1300-1550 p.;
  • 230 g - 220-280 p.

Feed Go! Daily Defense Chicken Cat Recipe

This grain-free composition is suitable for daily feeding to cats of any age. Crackers are based on whole chicken, as well as salmon, vegetables and fruits. The granules are quite small in size, and therefore are easily bitten even by kittens.

The complex carbohydrates included in the composition will provide the animal with energy for the whole day. Antioxidants have been added to strengthen the immune system, and omega oils are added for the health of the coat and skin. Feed Go! Daily Defense Chicken Kat Recipes are enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Protein content - not less than 32%, fat - 20%, fiber - not more than 2.5%.

Calorie content: 4606 kcal per 1 kilogram of the finished product.

Price (in Russian rubles as of May 2018):

  • 7.26 kg - 3000-3400 r .;
  • 3.63 kg - 1900-2100 p .;
  • 1.82 kg - 1250-1400 rub .;
  • 230 g - 200-250 p.

It is important to know:

Canned food

In the line of feed Go! There are canned food for cats. Their composition is as good as the composition of dry feed. The only concern is that canned food is found on sale in both stationary and online stores, but not a word about them on the official website of the manufacturer.

Canned Food Go! only three:

  • Go! Natural Holistic Grain Free Turkey Pate (with turkey);
  • Go! Natural Holistic Grain Free Chicken Pate (with chicken);
  • Go! Natural Holistic Grain Free Chicken Stew with Turkey + Duck Pate (with stewed chicken, turkey and duck meat).

All these three types of food are pastes in small 100-gram jars.

The price does not depend on the type of canned food and varies from 100 to 140 rubles depending on the margin of the outlet.

The characteristics and merits of pastes are similar.

All of these canned foods are completely natural. In their production, cereals, artificial preservatives, offal, flavorings, and also meat obtained from animals grown on hormonal supplements are not used. The main ingredient is high-quality natural meat (70% of the total paste). A vegetable broth is used as a source of moisture.

Owners of animals noted that after introducing Go! Paste into their diets the smell of urine and feces in the purr became noticeably smaller. The manufacturer notes that this effect is achieved due to the introduction of yucca shidiger into the composition of the extract.

Gow canned food! Natural Holistic is enriched with all vitamins and minerals necessary for cats' health and long life.


Vladimir Ivanov, leading specialist of the faithful friend veterinary clinic:

- We often recommend feed Go! those who bring their cats to us for vaccinations and routine examination. For specialized treatment there are special feeds of veterinary rulers, and for daily feeding of healthy animals Go! fit perfectly. They have a good composition, high quality, pleasant smell. However, we always warn that such feeds of foreign manufacturers are often faked, and therefore you should carefully look at the packaging and ask sellers for product certificates.

Yulianna Kisenko, veterinarian of a commercial clinic:

- We get dry feed Go! for cats that stay with us for several days during overexposure. Often the owners leave their favorites if you need to go on vacation or a business trip. Unfortunately, not everyone brings food that their animals are used to at home, so we have to find a way out. Lineup Go! eaten with appetite by most cats, do not cause digestive upset, even in the case of a sharp transfer to these foods. Animals remain healthy and active.

Veronica, owner of two Persian cats:

- I used to feed my Pauline and Joseph Eucanuba, but for some reason they stopped bringing him to the store closest to us, I had to look for a replacement. For over a year now we are on Go! Both the cat and the cat are satisfied. I am also pleased - both in price and quality. And the main thing for me is that Gow granules are suitable for kittens who have just begun to accustom to ordinary food after mother’s milk. Most often I take a medium-sized package - it lasts a long time, but not so much that the contents manage to deteriorate.

Oleg, the owner of the Siberian cat:

- My cat often had problems with hair. She fell down, forming tines. The veterinarian advised changing the feed. I did not believe that there was a direct dependence, I thought that since the coat is long, then the tassels are inevitable. And I was not quite right. Yes, warlocks are sometimes still formed, but much less frequently than before, and noticeably smaller. And in general, my cat began to look better, shed less, the condition of the ears and eyes improved, the smell from the mouth disappeared.

Valeria, mistress of four mestizos:

- I picked up all my bullies on the street at different times. He treated, instilled, now we live in a big friendly family and love each other dearly. When the rehabilitation period ended, each new face was gradually transferred to Go Natural. The positive reviews on the Internet impressed me, but in practice I was convinced that they were mostly right. The only drawback of the food is that the sticker with the Russian composition is often worn or scratched, it is difficult to read, and everything is in English on the factory packaging.


Having analyzed the characteristics, composition and other information about Go! Natural Holistic can safely recommend this food for daily feeding of your domestic cats and cats. The undoubted advantages of this brand include:

  • balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fiber;
  • foreign production (which means strict quality control);
  • the use of natural ingredients that are suitable for human nutrition;
  • reasonable prices for feed of this class;
  • lack of chemical preservatives and flavorings in the composition;
  • enrichment with micro and macro elements, enzymes, vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics;
  • feeds almost never provoke the appearance of allergic reactions, since they do not contain grain components.

The disadvantages of the feed include:

  • not always in convenience stores;
  • high cost (but any similar quality feed will cost about the same);
  • the absence on the manufacturer's website of information about canned goods in the form of pastes.

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