Why does the cat attack the owner?

It often happens that the animal begins to show aggression towards humans. Why does the cat attack the owner? There can be many reasons for this behavior and, unfortunately, this cannot always be corrected. In this article, we will talk about why animals can behave aggressively towards people, as well as what to do if your cat attacks you.

Reasons for aggression

Cats are predators by nature. Their hunting instincts can make themselves felt at the most unexpected moment for the owner, for no apparent reason.

The cat can attack and bite in such situations:

  • During the game. In the wild, this activity is not so much fun as hone hunting skills. Usually, domestic cats do not need to attack anyone. However, there are times when the animal gives vent to its instincts. As a rule, the cause of such attacks can be a bad cat breeding.
  • Cats often show aggression when the owner makes some loud or unusual sounds (for example, screaming or punching the table).
  • The cat rushes to the feet of the owners when they go. Usually this behavior is characteristic of kittens, because they have not yet been trained in normal behavior, but it happens that adult animals allow themselves such attacks.
  • Cats can attack or hiss at people when they want to get something from them (for example, if the animal wants to attract attention or eat).

Sometimes the owners themselves, unaware, encourage cat aggression. Most often this happens during the game. The cat, allegedly playfully, attacks the owner, but he does not attach importance to the fact that the animal behaves aggressively, and continues to play with the pet, which further provokes and provokes the tomboy.

Also, the cat’s aggressive behavior may become its unwillingness to contact one or another person. Cats are very wayward animals, and you should not forcibly hold them in your arms or stroke them if the animal does not want to.

Methods of dealing with aggression in cats

What if the cat rushes to the owners? In fact, there are few options in this situation. Your main task will be to make it clear to the animal that aggression is unacceptable, and that any manifestation of it will be immediately punished. Try the following methods of raising cats:

  • After your pet has attacked you, you need to punish him immediately. Scold him loudly, shame him. You can also spray a cat several times with a spray bottle of water.
  • Try to play with the cat more often and devote more time to it. This will help her to use up excess energy, and she will behave calmer.
  • If the cat attacked the mistress, you should not let the cat sleep with her for several nights, not letting the animal into the bedroom. If the cat meows and crosses near the door, ignore her attempts to get into the room. This method will show the animal who is in charge of the house, and, ultimately, the cat will behave calmer.

Remember that you need to punish the cat not so much with physical methods as with psychological methods. The use of force in such cases can only aggravate the situation and make the animal even more inadequate. Concentrate on making the cat understand which of its actions are unacceptable and cause your displeasure.

It will be useful to turn to the veterinarian in such a situation. The specialist will be able to give more detailed recommendations for raising a cat, and also check for the presence of pathophysiological disorders in the animal.


As you can see, cats have enough reasons for aggressive behavior. This may be a lack of attention from the owner, or incorrect education. In any case, try to understand the causes of aggression on the part of your pet. As practice shows, with proper persistence to re-educate the cat will not be difficult.

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