How can you teach a cat to walk in a tray

The appearance in the house of a fluffy pet brings to life many positive and joyful moments. But besides this, the owners may encounter certain difficulties: the cat’s nutrition, his health, and arrangement in a new home. How to train a cat to a tray? This is an important issue that concerns all pet owners without exception.

Cats and cats are clean creatures, and there are usually no problems with toilet training. Kittens most often follow their mother’s example. But there is not always the possibility of a joint stay of an adult cat and her cub. In this case, the owners will need perseverance to accustom the tailed creature to the toilet.

Necessary acquisitions

Before you start a cat in the house, you should take care of buying important things that will help to equip his toilet. Among them are:

  • special tray;
  • filler.

You can teach a cat to go to the right place only with the right choice of necessary accessories. There are two types of trays for animals: open and closed. A standard, regular tray with sides is the best option for a fluffy pet. This design is very convenient to use. Most often, plastic products are purchased. There are also trays equipped with a grate. This option is more suitable in the absence of filler.

If the cat wants to dig in their labors, then you can take a closer look at products with inflated sides.

A closed tray is a special design, isolated from others, having a hole or a door. Such cat houses are usually equipped with a system for filtering and cleaning odors. Closed trays can be useful for those owners who do not have much free time to regularly clean the cat's toilet. But for cleaning such a structure, it will need to be disassembled. The main disadvantage of closed tray models is the high cost.

When choosing a tray for a pet, you should also consider the age of the animal. A small kitten will need a design with low sides. And as the cat grows, the toilet changes to a larger tray.

To quickly teach the cat to go to the tray, you can buy a special filler. An empty tray is not hygienic, and many animals refuse to go to the lattice structure. In pet stores you can find a large selection of pet toilet fillers, differing in structure and composition.

Varieties of materials:

  • sawdust compressed in a certain way: environmentally friendly and safe material that does not cause allergies in cats, and suitable for animals of all ages (material needs to be replaced every 4-5 days);
  • mineral filler: has a high adsorption that prevents the spread of odors (less economical option: in the tray, the layer thickness should not be less than 5 cm);
  • silica gel-based filler: a material with a high ability to absorb odors is convenient to use (the most expensive type of fillers, and for the cat to find the toilet on time, replacement is required no more than 3-4 weeks);
  • material from industrial waste and corn: an inexpensive and safe filler, suitable for both adult pets and small kittens.

Accustoming the animal to the toilet will be faster and easier if you clean and clean it in time. The materials used must not contain harmful impurities and additives, emit extraneous odors. For one cat in the house, lump forming options are more suitable. But if several cats live in the house at once, then it is better to buy materials of high absorbency.

For small pets, it is recommended to use a safe and simple wood filler, or products from production waste.

Choosing a place for a cat tray

Correctly placing the tray in the house is also very important. Indeed, due to inconvenience, the animal may refuse to go to the tray. The best place for a cat's toilet will be the bathroom, where no one will disturb the animal, and will not bother him. After going to the toilet, cats like to bury the contents. Tiles and linoleum on the floor in the bathroom will not be affected. The walls of the room will also be safe, and the wallpaper will not be affected.

The main condition for the equipment of the toilet is round-the-clock availability.

A closed door can induce a pet to leave traces of its life in the most inappropriate place. Cats are delicate and gentle creatures, and they like to do their work in a secluded space. Therefore, the tray is best placed away from human eyes.

Instead of the bathroom, you can use other suitable rooms: a closet, pantry. Having improved the toilet, having bought all the necessary devices, it will not be difficult to accustom a cat to a tray with or without a grill.

Basic rules for cats and kittens

Most experts say that it’s much easier to accustom an animal to the toilet. And this statement is absolutely true. If the kitten was next to his mother in the first months of his life, then he is most likely already familiar with the main nuances of the process. And when moving to a new home, it will be much easier to train an animal. In this case, you only need to show the new toilet to the kitten, and for some time to follow the correct choice of place.

If the little cat was not yet familiar with the tray, then the owners will have to go for some tricks to accustom him to the pot.

  • As soon as the new owner for the first time crosses the threshold of the dwelling with an animal in his hands, you should immediately show the tray. It is advisable to leave your pet there for a while alone, so that he gets acquainted with the territory, sniffs it.
  • The sources of all odors in the apartment and near the toilet should be eliminated. At first, the animal will be quite difficult in uncharted territory, and harsh aromas can scare and confuse a furry pet.
  • Almost all animals can experience stress from moving to a new home. It is recommended to be near your cat, to help in difficult situations. At the first sign of a pet's need, it is necessary to take it to the bathroom. Then the animal will immediately understand what the owner wants from him, and it will not be difficult to accustom him to the procedure.
  • If the cat is uncomfortable in his tray, the sizes do not correspond to age, or the filler does not fit, then you will have to buy new devices. It may also be necessary to change the location of the tray if the pet is not comfortable in the old place. The animal should feel confident and safe.

Kitty toilet training

You can train a small animal quickly enough. It is worth treating your pet as a child, given the fears, its desires and needs. There should not be violence and aggression in actions. Kittens in ordinary life immediately after eating should go to the toilet.

If you take the pet to the pot, scrape your foot on the grate, then he will understand the meaning of the action. It is advisable to be near the animal in time to help him.

To train a one-year-old cat to the tray, you can go for a little trick. You should take a little filler from his previous toilet, and put it in a new place. The smell of own production will attract a smart teenager to the right place.

If for some reason the animal did not go to the right place, but left traces of life on the floor, then you should not scold, poke your nose and offend your pet. It should be said in a strict voice "not" so that the cat can catch the intonation. And remove the puddle with paper or napkins, and distribute the garbage in the tray. After that, the smell will help the animal orient in the search for a secluded place. As soon as the little cat goes into the tray, praise must necessarily follow. Animals feel great affection in the voice of the owner.

Toilet training for an adult cat

It is much more difficult to teach grown-up pets to the pot. Especially if they were previously not familiar with this procedure. But anything is possible. Useful tips will help new owners cope with difficulties.

It will be much easier to accustom an adult cat to the tray if you take his old toilet with you. Having shown the place, letting its smells be sniffed, the animal will immediately figure out where to do all its work. In this case, one should not make sudden movements, make noise and scare the pet. Smell is a great reference for adult cats and cats.

If for some reason there was a mistake, you should not be angry and scold the animal. Patience and perseverance will bear fruit sooner or later.

If the animal used to live on the street, then it will be a little more difficult to train a cat to a new place in the tray. To facilitate the procedure, you can bring some earth or sand to create a similar atmosphere for the pet and home. It is also necessary to show a new pot, scrape a little foot on the grate, and a smart animal will soon realize.

Useful Tips

  • Places in the house that the pet has chosen, ignoring the cat's toilet, should be thoroughly washed with chlorine-free products. At home, you can also use a solution of vinegar, essential oils with pungent odors, peel of citrus fruits. Such products reliably destroy the smell of urine.
  • After each visit to the toilet, the pet should praise it by saying affectionate words. In this case, the cat will remember the good intonation, and will try to please his master again.
  • Regular cleaning of the cat's toilet, timely replacement of the filler also play an important role in the training of the pet. Cats are clean creatures that require care and good attitude every day.
  • Experts recommend taking kittens older than the spirit of months to their homes. At first, a small animal really needs a mom nearby, and moving to a new home can be a big stress, which will attract problems in raising and educating a pet.
  • After the cat or cat reaches the age of seven months, sterilization is recommended. Older animals begin to mark the territory, and categorically refuse to go to the toilet on the filler.
  • Regular refusal of a cat tray may indicate a health problem for a furry pet. In this case, it is recommended to visit the veterinarian to examine the animal.
  • In comfortable apartments you can teach a cat to use the toilet. This will be possible only when the pet has mastered the tray. The cat's pot should be gradually moved towards the toilet for short distances, smoothly leading to the goal. Then the tray is placed directly on the toilet, and after getting used to it, it is removed completely.

This article contains useful tips and simple recommendations that will help owners of furry pets to learn to feline. You can teach a cat to walk in a tray, the main thing is patience and perseverance.

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