How to give a cat a worm pill

Due to the fact that cats are rather freedom-loving creatures, giving a pill is sometimes very difficult. They break out, scratch and are trying in every possible way to get out of a tight hug. So how to give a cat a pill for worms and not harm her?

How to determine

There are proven and recommended ways to give your cat a worm pill. They allow not only to avoid stressful situations, both in the animal and the owner, but also give a pill correctly:

  • medicines are given on an empty stomach;
  • if the re-use of tablets from worms is prescribed, then you need to give it only after ten days after applying the first dose;
  • Before giving a pill for worms, you need to poison the fleas, if any. Otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective.

Try not to self-medicate, it is better to contact a specialized veterinary clinic. There, your pet will do all the necessary research and prescribe effective drugs.

Symptoms of the presence of worms

It is not so difficult to detect the presence of worms in a cat in most cases. As a rule, the first thing you should pay attention to is the presence of white grains in the feces of the animal. Small grains similar to rice grains - these are worms.

If possible, daily during the day, monitor the general condition and behavior of your pet. Noticing the slightest changes (weakness, refusal of food, lack of mobility, excessive thirst, etc.) in behavior or physical condition (diarrhea, constipation or vomiting), sound the alarm - take the cat to the doctor or give a pill for worms.

If the furry pet is still very small, then it will be more difficult for him to detect the presence of worms in the body. Without seeing obvious signs, touch the baby’s belly, if it is swollen and hard - immediately to the veterinarian. Due to the small body weight, worm tablets are prescribed in a strictly calculated dosage, which is sometimes difficult to do at home.

Clear signs of worms are digestive problems. © shutterstock

And do not forget that worms can sometimes be not as harmless as it might seem at first glance. The presence of worms can be fatal if help is not provided on time and the necessary medication is not given.

Worm Pills

Previously, when there was not a wide variety of animal medicines, owners used tablets for humans to treat worms in cats. This caused a large number of adverse reactions and poor health of pets. But now do not worry so much about this.

Anthelmintic drugs now there is a sufficient quantity and a wide variety: tablets, pastes, suspensions, drops. Prices for such drugs are very reasonable and affordable for any owner of a fluffy pet.


Their timely use allows you to much faster improve the physical condition of the cat, as well as protect yourself and your loved ones who communicate directly with the animal. After all, it is known that worms are parasites that are very dangerous for both an animal and a person. And in order not to worry about their appearance in your family, a cat needs an anthelmintic drug and thereby get rid of the fear of becoming infected with worms.

In what cases it is impossible to give a medicine

When buying a particular anthelmintic drug, you should always carefully read the instructions for use before giving it. Medicines have different chemical composition and spectrum of action, therefore before giving the animal read the contraindications:

  • you can not give tablets from worms to weak and depleted animals;
  • sick pets in which the disease is at a progressive stage;
  • kittens under the age of three weeks are strictly forbidden to give such preparations;
  • first half of a cat’s pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity of the pet to the drug;
  • the presence of problems with the liver and urinary system of the body.

Side effects

If you choose the right medicine for worms and observe the necessary dosage, then there should be no side effects, in principle. But in some cases, the cat may vomit, loose stools, or foam from the mouth. Allergic reactions, dermatitis with the use of drops may occur.

But all signs of side effects should go away within one day. Otherwise, the pet will need to be taken to a veterinary clinic to clarify the diagnosis and prescribe additional treatment.

How to give a cat a pill

Many owners are afraid to give their pet a pill on their own, so as not to physically and mentally harm their pet. If there is such fear, then it is better not to take risks and consult a doctor. But for those who decide to give a cure for worms at home, here are some useful tips.

Ways to give a cat a pill

  1. mix the medicine with food;
  2. cause swallowing reflex;
  3. give along with a specific product;
  4. to blow a cat in the nose;
  5. give the medicine by force.

The easiest way to give a cure is to mix a worm medicine with your cat’s favorite food. Perhaps the animal will eat the proposed food and will not notice the presence of a pill in it, but the opposite situation may occur, as a result of which the pet may completely stop eating. But do not despair - mix the drug with meat, meatballs or other favorite treats, but try to chop it well.

Induce swallowing reflex - this is an action in which you push the tablet as far as possible with the finger, while pressing the root of the tongue. To perform this procedure, you need to take the cat in your arms and fix it well so that it does not break out. Put the medicine for worms on the root of the tongue, under the influence of the drug, the animal will have a swallowing reflex. The mouth needs to be held in a closed state for some time. Before giving the medicine, thoroughly mash it or you can try to divide the tablet into several parts.

By applying certain foods, You will be able to drown out the unpleasant aftertaste of the medicine and thereby do not cause suspicion in the cat. For example, chicken or beef paste, cream cheese or butter are mixed with powder from a medicine and placed in the cat’s mouth, causing a swallowing reflex. Cats should not resist their favorite product. But do not forget that there are breeds with a high sense of smell and it is a little more difficult to give the necessary preparation.

Other methods

In cats, the swallowing reflex can be caused in another way: it is necessary to put the drug in the mouth and blow it in the nose. Inertia, a pet will swallow it. The tablet should be crushed and mixed with a small amount of liquid.

To force the cat to take the medicine for worms on its own, you can mix it with foods that have a mushy consistency, and the animal can lick it.

For example, can be given with fat sour cream or butter. Mix the tablet with these products and coat the nose or paws. The kitten will begin to wash and, accordingly, will use the medicine.

If you tried all the methods, but did not achieve a positive result, then you can feed the cat a pill from worms by force. Wrap the animal more tightly in the sheets so that it does not tear out and scratch you, and put the medicine in the mouth.

This should be done only in extreme cases, when there is no veterinary clinic nearby or there is no way to seek medical help.

What to do when you can’t give a pill

Having tried all the ways to give a kitten a pill for worms and not having achieved the desired result, pay attention to other forms of drug release.
You can give the cat a suspension or drops that are applied to the withers of the animal. Such drugs as Bayer Profender Spot-On, Prazicide Suspension, Broadline, etc. But before giving any medicine, you should consult your veterinarian.

Medication Guidelines

A suspension or a pill for worms can be given to a cat using the following methods:

  • speed and agility;
  • give using a special device;
  • mix the powder with food.

If you use the method of inducing the swallowing reflex, then naturally you should not stretch your actions. The cat will not wait long while you open his mouth and put medicine into it. It can break out and hide so that you will look for it for a long time, it may not be given into your hands and may not catch your eye. Your actions should be quick and clear. After the procedure, be sure to check the presence of tablets in the mouth.

Use a special device - a tablet driver (piller). It will allow you to cope with a difficult task much faster - how to give the cat medicine. If this was not at hand, then you can use an ordinary syringe, naturally without a needle.

You can also crush the tablet, but do not open the medicine in capsules. The powder will begin to act not at the destination, but much earlier. The expected effect will not be achieved.

Need to be careful

Before giving this or that drug for worms safety precautions must be followed and naturally consult a veterinarian:

  • not to carry out the procedure for the destruction of worms in sick animals;
  • pay attention to the quality of the tablets from the worms, the manufacturer and the expiration date;
  • write down the date of helminthization;
  • do not reuse the drug;
  • from an early age to teach a pet to swallow pills.

It is worth remembering that the procedures for getting rid of worms need to be carried out only when the animal is completely healthy. Before giving medicine, measure your body temperature, and if it is higher than 38 º, consult a doctor immediately. He will conduct all the necessary studies and confirm or deny the presence of the disease.

It may turn out that you purchased a poor-quality drug, and this caused intoxication of your pet's body. Take him to a veterinary clinic so that they do gastric lavage there.


Always write down the date of the last helminthization, because the drugs are very toxic and their frequent use can cause a general deterioration.

Pay attention to the purpose of the drug. There are different dosages and forms of medicines for kittens and adult cats. Also, the dose used is calculated depending on the body weight of the pet. With special care, tablets should be given from worms to pregnant and lactating animals.

You need to know that if you correctly and completely introduced the drug into the body of the pet, then the procedure should not be repeated. Oversaturation with toxins may occur and, as a result, poisoning of the body.

If you give a cat a pill for worms from a young age, then using drugs at home will not cause you much difficulty. The animal will swallow it on its own and will not have to apply force.

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