Innova - cat food

Ready food for cats and dogs "Innova" since 1989 produces the American company Natura Pet Products. In its assortment, dry and wet feeds of the holistic class are the highest class of food for animals. Innova is the first pet food labeled with the term “holistic”. This term means "full", that is, the feed contains all the ingredients necessary for the animal's body. A cat that feeds on such food does not need dietary supplements in the form of vitamin or mineral complexes, all this is already in canned food or croquettes.

In addition, the producer of holistic class fodder is obliged to use exclusively environmentally friendly, natural, fresh products for their production, not inferior in quality to those intended for humans. Therefore, at Natura Pet Products, all raw materials are checked for compliance with international HUMAN GRADE standards before they enter the production conveyor.


Innova Holistic Feed is a complete range of feline substances necessary for the body. The main components of canned food and Innova croquettes are:

  • dietary meat (beef, poultry, rabbit);
  • milk (non-lactose, non-allergenic);
  • vegetable fiber (vegetables and fruits);
  • animal fats.

Innova feeds also contain:

  • vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, D;
  • minerals - carbonate, iodate and potassium chloride, zinc, manganese, iron, copper, cobalt;
  • probiotics Bifidobacterium thermophilum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecium.

Nutritional Information of Innova Feed:

Component Name

Quantity in%

proteins (protein)


fats (lipids)




ash elements (mineral substances)


vegetable fiber



≤ 10

Useful information. Proteins (proteins) in Innova croquettes and canned food of animal origin, which corresponds to the physiological needs of a cat as a predator.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of Innova cat food are:

  • Guaranteed use of only quality and fresh products.
  • High nutritional value and excellent composition completely balanced for all the substances necessary for the normal functioning of the cat's body. It has a lot of protein, few carbohydrates and cereals are completely absent. Grain-free food is better absorbed, does not cause bloating or constipation in a cat.
  • Lack of ingredients containing potential allergens, preservatives and other chemicals harmful to the body.
  • As a separate advantage, experts note the presence of probiotics in Innova feed, stimulating the vital activity of the gastrointestinal microflora, as well as plant components that prevent the development of urolithiasis in cats.

Judging by the reviews, Innova has a few minuses. These include a rather high cost (which is fully justified by the producer’s expenses for elite raw materials), as well as the limited availability of feed on sale. Innova gets to the domestic market through intermediaries, so you can not always buy it, especially in a small city where there are no large veterinary pharmacies or specialized stores selling pet products. Most often, Innova cat food is ordered in the online store or on the manufacturer's website.


Innova cat food comes in dry croquettes and wet canned food. The composition of the dry or wet feed mixture, as well as its purpose, are indicated on the packaging. Innova croquettes and canned food can be used for cats of all breeds, at any age and state of health, at any degree of animal activity. This is ensured by the presence of a wide range of special types of food (for adult cats, kittens, obese animals or old cats).


This type of food is prepared by extrusion, mixing its components with water, and then passing the porridge mixture through an extruder. Small granules are obtained at the outlet, which are then dried and packaged in sealed bags. It is supposed to store them no longer than 90 days, and the opened package - a week, placing it in a cool dark place and protecting it from moisture.

The daily rate of dry food is calculated depending on the weight, age and degree of activity of the animal. Approximate numbers can be seen in the plate below.

Cat weight

Daily rate

up to 2 kg

30 ÷ 50 g.

up to 3 kg

50 ÷ 70 g.

3 ÷ 5 kg

70 ÷ 110 g.

5 ÷ 7 kg

110 ÷ 140 g.

more than 7 kg

140 ÷ 160 g.

Natura Pet Products offers several dry Innova menus. Consider one of them, Innova EVO Cat. It consists of:

  • turkey and chicken meat
  • meat and fish meal,
  • chicken and fish oil,
  • egg,
  • vegetables (carrots, tomatoes),
  • an Apple,
  • cottage cheese,
  • amino acids taurine and methionine,
  • 12 types of vitamins
  • 9 types of trace elements.

Such a rich composition makes the food a complete food product that provides the cat with a healthy active life. Innova's dry food portfolio also includes:

  • Adult Cat. Dry food for adult cats based on chicken meat.
  • EVO Herring & Salmon. The menu is based on salmon, herring, vegetables and eggs. Designed for adult cats.
  • EVO Turkey & Chicken. Croquettes for kittens and adult cats. The composition includes poultry, eggs and fruits.
  • Designed for kittens, pregnant and lactating cats. The main product is chicken meat.
  • Light / Indoor Cat. The menu is based on chicken meat for cats prone to obesity, as well as animals over 7 years old.
  • Croquettes for cats with sensitive digestion, as part of the feed are special additives that promote the removal of wool from the digestive tract. The main product is fish.

Innova croquettes are packed in sealed bags. The price of a package depends on its weight, and on average is:

  • 400 g - 235 ÷ 250 rubles;
  • 1.5 kg - 820 rubles .;
  • 4 kg - 1795 ÷ 1955 rub.

Important! The protein content in dry food is high, in Innova Evo reaches 30 ÷ 50%, so felinologists recommend it for moving healthy cats. For animals with liver or kidney pathologies, elderly and neutered cats, it is better to choose a diet where the proportion of proteins is not so high. Mixing dry food with wet or cooked at home is not recommended.

Canned food

This ready-made cat food is available in the form of a sterilized meat "stew" or paste. The meat can be filled with broth or jelly, or mixed with vegetables. Canned holistic class foods do not contain cereals, potatoes, chemical preservatives or flavorings. The price of a 156-gram jar of Innova wet food is 125 ÷ 140 rubles.

Innova canned food can be mixed with natural food, they can serve as the main or additional food product. The daily rate is determined based on 50 ÷ 55 g per 1 kg of animal weight, that is, if your pet weighs 3, 5 kg, its daily portion will be 1, 25 jars. An open jar can be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 3 days. Before feeding the cat, the contents of the can should be warmed to room temperature.

The Innova EVO cat canned line is presented in two types of menus.

Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned Cat Food. A full balanced menu of adult animals leading an active lifestyle. Composition:

  • poultry meat and liver;
  • fish fat;
  • chicken bouillon;
  • guaran (thickener, stabilizer);
  • vitamins A, E, D, B9, B12;
  • trace elements sodium, potassium, iron, zinc;
  • salt.
  • Energy value - 13.3 kcal / 100 g.

Duck Recipe in Gravy Canned Cat Food. Minced meat and poultry liver. It also contains fish oil and the same vitamin and mineral complex as canned Chicken & Turkey. Starch and guaran were used as thickeners. The energy value of the product is 13 kcal / 100 g.


Mikhail Efimov, veterinarian:

"I often have to give advice on feeding cats. If the owner prefers ready-made feeds, I always recommend quality as a priority. Innova is a super-elite feed, so you should not doubt their nutritional value and safety. I just want to pay attention to the following aspects. Quantity The protein in the product (it is indicated on the label) in canned food of this brand is overestimated, therefore they are not very suitable for feeding cats prone to gain weight. , To give wet food Innova is also not recommended. "

Irina, mistress of the Scottish fold Tommy:

"I used to feed my beauty Gimpet canned goods, but then in our city they disappeared from the sale. I had to look for a replacement. I was very worried about how my cat would perceive the new food. I chose the brand for a long time, eventually settled on Innova. Very good reviews from felinologists about him , and belonging to the holistic class speaks for itself. It was not difficult to purchase this food in the online store, although they write that it rarely happens there. Wet food my pet liked immediately. And as confirmation of the right choice, Tommy got better thaw the stomach. "

Roman, the owner of the Angora cat:

“My two-year-old cat has a capricious disposition: she doesn’t agree to eat everything that Innova offers her, even if this is an elite feed. When for the first time, on the advice of a veterinarian, I tried to give her Innova EVO Chicken & Turkey,“ bury it with her paw, ”like other cat’s canned food, she didn’t, but she refused, and after a couple of hours I tried again and my caprice ate dumb, that is, I “approved” the new menu in one day, which, frankly, I didn’t expect. additives, and for me the most important thing is that this food has an excellent composition, and yat it from fresh meat that has passed quality control and additives - vegetables and fruits, and they, according to the label, quite a bit. "

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