How to draw a cat on face

Trying on the role of a cute cat, having temporarily reincarnated as a graceful animal is the best way to have fun, making the holiday brighter. The easiest way to do this is by drawing the face of your favorite animal on your face. Children are especially fond of trying on such “masks”. We bring to your attention several options how to draw a cat on the face.

We draw a face painting

Face painting is a win-win option with which you can not only cheer up a young fidget, but also show his creative inclinations. Through bright colors, it is easy to create expressive masterpieces on the face, allowing the child to temporarily feel in the role of a playful kitten or cartoon character. For clarity, we offer an example of how to draw a cat on the face of a child.

Creating a beautiful mask is easy. The main thing is to show a little zeal and consistently perform all the stages of applying "makeup".

To create a masterpiece you will need:

  • face painting paints;
  • foam or latex sponge;
  • narrow brush;
  • a bowl of warm water.

Paints used for face painting can be purchased at the stationery department or points of sale of goods for creativity. Coloring compounds have a water base, so they are absolutely safe for delicate skin. In addition, they are easy to apply and wash off just as well.

The main advantage of such paints is that after drying, they stick well to the skin, do not crumble and maintain color saturation for several hours. Therefore, do not be afraid that the “mask” at the most inopportune moment will begin to “flow” to the holiday outfit.

To draw a cat on the face of a child, the work must be performed in several stages:

  • Creating the foundation. Using a sponge, distribute the white paint over the area of ​​the chin, nose, and eyebrows, as well as the area above the lip. To create a foundation for future cheeks and ears, apply pink paint with a sponge to the area of ​​the protruding part of the chin, the tip of the nose and cheekbones. With the same paint, draw two triangles above the eyebrow line.
  • Pointing the contour. With a thin brush of black paint, draw a contour along the upper faces of the triangles, connect them with an arc. Highlight the tip of the nose in black.
  • Drawing details. To draw the cheeks on top of the white and pink shading, draw 4-5 curved stripes - these will be the antennae. Add black “hairs” to the cheekbones and chin, as well as black dots above the upper lip.

The mask is ready. This is only the simplest design option, with which it is best to begin to master the art of drawing on the face.

Use of makeup

No way to purchase paints? In this case, use decorative cosmetics. Before drawing a cat on the face, it is important to test cosmetics for allergenicity. To do this, you need to make several strokes in advance with a pencil and shadows on the inside of the child’s elbow. If within a few hours the treated area of ​​the skin does not turn red - everything is in order.

When creating makeup, follow the simple step-by-step instructions on how to draw a cat on a child’s face:

  1. Apply a makeup base. It will allow you to create a perfectly flat surface, thereby preventing premature shedding and smearing of shadows.
  2. Apply light powder. For lack of such use white eyeshadow.
  3. Using shades of gray and beige, highlight the nose, interbrow region and nasolabial triangle.
  4. By applying gray shadows, highlight the upper eyelid. With the same shadows, draw lines from the nose to the eyebrows.
  5. Make a cat nose. To do this, draw a small inverted triangle on the tip of the nose with eyeliner or pencil.
  6. The best way to make cat eyes is to frame them with arrows. To do this, draw curved lines along the upper eyelids, and raise the tails of the arrows in the direction of the eyebrows.
  7. To give expressiveness to the look, color the eyelashes with mascara.
  8. To create a nasolabial triangle, draw a black curved line from the tip of the nose to the upper lip. Carefully continue the arc along the contour of the upper lip. Point the growth points of the mustache with the same paint.

If you want to highlight cat's cheeks, first draw a thin strip from the nose to the upper lip, and then branch it to the sides, rounding the ponytails around the white base.

The picture is ready. It remains only to cover the lips with matte pink lipstick.

Hello Kitty: draw a cat face

No less original at any holiday will look and pretty face of the main character of the popular Japanese cartoon Hello Kitty.

Creating such an image is not at all difficult:

  1. Wash your baby's face and pat it dry.
  2. Apply any baby oily cream to the skin as a base.
  3. Using a lip liner, outline the outline of a future face. The eyes and nose of the character will coincide with the real ones, and the ears will occupy a place above the eyebrows. Since the cartoon character will not have a mouth, its muzzle will end above the baby’s upper lip.
  4. Fill the area inside the outline with white aqua paint or shadows. Do not forget to highlight the bow attached to the character’s ear in pink.
  5. In black, move the arrows, antennae and nose. Use rounded lines to shape the outline of the bow.

Kitty’s nose is round. For credibility, it’s better to outline it with black and outline it inside with yellow.

Catwoman look: applying makeup

The mysterious and mystical image of a cat has long become an invariable character in costume parties. Fashionable look in Lady Cat style is chosen by young girls. Its main “highlight” is the cat's look.

To draw a cat on the face of a girl whose eyes can hypnotize and fascinate, follow a number of simple recommendations:

  1. Application of the base. To obtain the effect of light glow, it is best to use a matte bronzer.
  2. Creating a haze effect. By applying black and silver shadows, highlight the borders of the upper eyelid. The black arrow is better to lead from the inner corner along the line of eyelash growth in the direction of the temple. For contrasting combinations, use shades of pastel shades.
  3. Expressive look. To create it, draw the lower eyelid with a black eyeliner, connecting the line with the arrow of the upper eyelid. Then, through the shadows, duplicate the haze effect.
  4. The design of the nose. Draw the tip of your nose into a miniature inverted triangle. From the bottom of the triangle, as if extending the nasal septum, draw a vertical line to the contour of the upper lip.
  5. You can fill your lips in half, making the upper part black and the bottom red, or completely cover with brown or burgundy lipstick.

The color of the cat's face is a matter of taste. It can be plain, spotty or even striped.

Regarding the frame of the eyes - you can limit yourself to only arrows on the upper eyelid. But the duplication of lines allows you to create exactly a slanting feline look. There are no special restrictions on the shape and thickness of the eyebrows. The main thing is that they organically complement the image.

Try and experiment! We are sure that this fascinating process will bring a lot of pleasure to both the master and the young model.

Video tutorial for beginners:

Watch the video: How to draw a cat face (December 2019).