Food Grandin (Grandin) for dogs

Among the breeders, Grandin’s dog food has long been known - a product of Czech and German manufacturers that meets all the needs of the pet’s body - the company itself says. Today we will try to understand the composition of this food, find out what raw materials it is made from, and draw conclusions about its quality, as well as about whether this food can qualify for the title of complete food for dogs.


As for the trademark owner, everything is shrouded in mystery. Even on the official website of this feed there is no information about the owners of the Grandin brand, and only manufacturers are listed - enterprises directly manufacturing finished products. All Grandin dry feeds are produced in the Czech Republic, at the Dibaq A.S. factory. This is a fairly eminent factory that meets all European standards and requirements regarding the quality and sanitary standards of production.

As for canned food, the Landguth factory located in Germany is responsible for their release. Both enterprises are modern and have many certificates confirming the high class of their products.

As far as we understand, Grandin’s dog food is made to order at third-party factories, and the owner of the brand does not own the production, but only provides the recipe. This is a frequent practice, and even many eminent feeds, the names of which are constantly heard, give industrial cares, as they say, to other hands.

According to information on the Grandin dog food official website, all diet recipes are developed with the participation of breeders and veterinarians, and all raw materials are used only of exceptional quality. It is also indicated that the manufacturer owns its own kennel, and therefore can dynamically observe how the food of their brand helps puppies and adult dogs grow and develop.

Assortment of feed

In total, the Grandin brand feed assortment has 11 varieties of nutrition: 7 dry rations, and 4 types of canned food. Canned food is presented in such tastes:

  • For adults - with chicken, lamb and beef.
  • For puppies - with a turkey.

All canned goods are available in two packagings - cans with a ring for opening 200 and 400 grams without a knife.

There are more dry feeds:

  • For puppies of small breeds - with chicken;
  • For adult dogs of small breeds - with lamb;
  • Diet for small dogs based on chicken meat (55% meat);
  • Wheat-free meals with chicken content of 70% - also for small breeds;

All these feeds are sold in two packaging options - 400 g bags. and 1.5 kg.

Also in the line of dry food is presented food for dogs of medium and large breeds:

  • For puppies of large breeds - based on chicken;
  • For adults of large breeds - also with a chicken;
  • For adult dogs of all breeds - with the content of lamb meat.

Here is the entire list of Grandin dog food available to breeders. Frankly speaking, there is nowhere to go especially far: there are no veterinary rulers, and there is also no food taking into account the pedigree features, or special nutrition for dogs requiring a special diet.

Let's find out what these diets consist of. For analysis, we chose the most universal type of food, which has pretty good reviews - for adults of medium and large breeds, based on lamb.

Grandin feed composition analysis

According to the information available to the consumer, this feed consists of the following components:

  • Lamb (15% fresh meat + 5% dried);
  • Poultry meat (19.5% dried chicken);
  • 3% lamb liver (hydrolyzed);
  • Whole rice;
  • Ground rice;
  • Bird fat.

These components at the top of the list make up the bulk of the feed (based on past feed analysis). The remaining components are substances with a small content in the feed, which have only indirect benefits, and do not significantly affect the nutrient content.

The list is followed by dry beet pulp, dried apple cake, salmon oil and brewer's yeast. Closing the list of nutrients is sodium dihydrogen phosphate, chicory root in the amount of 0.01% and yucca, which in the feed is 0.005%. This ends the list of components.

In our opinion, this feed has a very modest composition, which is typical for premium segment feeds, and to some representatives of super-premium. However, reviews of Grandin’s dry dog ​​food claim it’s super-premium food. We will conclude this later - when we consider in detail each component of the feed.

It will also be useful to find out the guaranteed content of substances:

  • Proteins: 24%;
  • Oils and fats: 14%;
  • Fiber: 2.3%;
  • Ash content: 7.9%;
  • Calcium: 1.5%;
  • Phosphorus: 1%.

All indicators look good, and are quite capable of satisfying the needs of a dog living in an apartment. If the dog leads an active lifestyle and receives significant physical activity, there should be more protein in its diet that can saturate the pet with energy.


Lamb and chicken are present in the feed as a source of protein. Lamb content - 15% fresh + 5% dried meat. It seems to be nice, but it is worth remembering that in the production of water from fresh meat will be removed and it will remain, at best, a third (about 5%).

19.5% of dried chicken meat is a very good indicator. This is a quality source of protein, which is almost completely absorbed by the body of dogs.

The content of the lamb liver in an amount of 3% is also indicated. The liver also contains animal protein, however, due to its small amount, it is added, most likely, as a natural flavoring that improves feed intake.


Bird fat and salmon oil are indicated as the lipid component.

Bird oil is a product obtained after processing carcasses of any kind of poultry. Contains about 90% fatty acids, attractive to animals due to its smell. However, this component cannot be called very high-quality - it is not known from what raw materials it is obtained, and what degree of purification it has of impurities.

Salmon oil is a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, the method of obtaining oil is important - smelting under the influence of high temperatures almost destroys the benefits of this component. In addition, it is worth noting that in the list of ingredients the oil is below the middle, which means its content is low.


The percentage of carbohydrates is not specified, we can confidently say that there are quite a lot of them. Whole and crushed rice is essentially the same product: it contains many carbohydrates that are practically not absorbed by the dog. This means that in the food for dogs, rice acts as a filler and added to reduce the cost of production.

Reviews about dog food Grandin often say that it is grain-free food. This is not entirely true. There is no wheat, it’s true, but it has been successfully replaced with rice.

Additional components

Beetroot and apple pulp are sources of fiber, they have no other useful properties. Presence of vitamins is possible in apple cake, provided that the pulp is dried without exposure to high temperatures.

Brewer's yeast is a nutrient that is good for the skin and coat. Also involved in digestion, serving as a prophylaxis of intestinal dysbiosis. It also contains useful protein (up to 50% content), which is very easily absorbed.

Chicory root is a useful supplement that carries inulin. However, a content of 0.01% nullifies all the benefits - a kilogram of feed contains 0.1 grams of the supplement.

The same story with yucca - this plant, when added to the feed, carries a number of useful properties. However, the yucca content is also negligible - 1 kg. The finished feed contains 0.05 grams of the plant. Comments, as they say, are unnecessary.

Separately, I want to say about sodium dihydrogen phosphate. It is a nutritional supplement that helps preserve the color of the feed. Apparently, without the addition of a chemical, the feed does not look attractive enough.

And one more very important point. The composition does not indicate the content of preservatives, however, on the manufacturer's website there is a small footnote in small print on the content of antioxidants and preservatives in the feed. We consider this a frank disrespect for our consumers: they say that we do not hide, there are preservatives, and we write about it. But we do it so that no one notices. This is a huge minus for any food.

Here it is - Grandin’s food. After analyzing the composition, and taking into account all the nuances, we are inclined to attribute this food to the premium feed segment, because it still has to grow and grow to the super-premium. Alas, this is so.

Reviews of Grandin Dog Food

On the net you can find a lot of opinions regarding Grandin. Mostly, people like this food because of the presence of meat and meat components in it. But many complain about the low prevalence and availability of feed. Here are some of the most prominent feed reviews:

Andrew, the owner of the beagle:

"He fed the dog with Royal, but he wanted to reduce the cost of food. On the advice of acquaintances, the dog lovers took Grandin for a test - he bought the composition, and the price was nice. For the stern - the dog eats with pleasure, there are no special problems with digestion and health. While we stay at Grandina! "

Svetlana, a breeder of Yorkshire terriers:

"It was difficult for my beads to choose food - from one they vilified, from the other - the hair became faded. The veterinarian advised me to take Grandin for small breeds without wheat - we are satisfied. The price is acceptable, the composition is good, so long as everything suits"

Alina, the mistress of the Pekingese:

"I bought Grandin on occasion, and gave the dog. Diarrhea began, and I hastened to return the old food. Later, the doctor said that it was most likely that Baksik was intolerant of something. We are not experimenting anymoreJ."

As you can see, the reviews are mostly laudatory. Low price and good eatability make this feed a worthy competitor for very cheap economy feed. However, in our opinion, if financially possible, it’s still worth buying a better feed for the dog.

Veterinarians speak of Grandin as well - we did not find enthusiastic speeches, but there are no frankly negative opinions either. This is a “strong middling” premium segment, no more, no less.

Price for dog food Grandin

You can view the current price of feed and buy it right here:

As for the cost of feed, then, having studied online showcases, we derived such average cost indicators:

Dry food packaging 0.4 kg. depending on the taste, it costs from about 220 to 320 rubles;

  • 1.5 kg - from 545 to 780 rubles;
  • 3 kg - from 1050 to 1200 rubles;
  • 12 kg - from 4000 to 4300 rubles.

Canned food, also regardless of taste, costs 120 rubles. for 200 gram jar, and about 160 rubles. for 400 grams.

Food is not the most expensive, and almost every loving owner of the dog can afford it. We wish your pets good health, and we hope that this article helped you in choosing the right food for your tailed friend!

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