Wolfsblut Dog Food

Wolfsblut dog food appeared recently in Russia - in 2010. It is noteworthy that there was no advertising - the first rumors about the appearance of food went in the narrow environment of dog breeders from St. Petersburg. They reported that it is possible to purchase high-quality German-made food, consisting of nutrients that are part of the diet of wild draggers, and do not cause allergies.

WolfsBlut (this is the name in German) is the brand of Healthfood24, a company that manufactures and sells various food products over the Internet. If you go to the official website, you can see that the feed line includes more than a hundred items, not including canned food, snacks and food additives.

The names of dog food are quite original and unusual - "Alaskan salmon", "African dog", "White cloud" and others. Such a variety of products and the use of high-quality and nutritious ingredients have attracted the attention of many dog ​​owners who, as a result, have completely transferred their pets to Wolf Blood. How good is this food and is it worth it to feed dogs?

Wolf Blood Dog Food: Product Line

For adult dogs. In these feeds, the amount of protein ranges from 21-26%, fat - 9-15%, crude fiber - 2-4%. The line includes a large number of items, with various meat ingredients, the amount of which is at least 50%. The most popular of them:

  • "Dark swamp" with buffalo meat;
  • Alaskan Salmon - with salmon;
  • "Only the lamb" - with the lamb;
  • "Gray top" - with goat meat;
  • "Wild Dog" - with a partridge, ostrich, wild duck and wild pigeon;
  • "Wild Ocean" - with six species of fish and other seafood;
  • "Pride of the hunter" - with pheasant, duck and rabbit meat.

There is also a wide range of other types of dry food "Wolf Blood" for adult dogs with other combinations of game and fish. The second main component of the feed is sweet potato, which is a source of carbohydrates, starch and fiber. Its amount, on average, is 12%. Other ingredients that are a source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are dried medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables. These are parsley, thyme, marjoram, sea buckthorn, fucus, nettle, apples, ginseng, raspberries, tomatoes, blueberries, hawthorn, oregano, dandelion, spinach, flaxseed, pumpkin and many others. Depending on the name of the product, their combination is different. The food does not contain flavors, dyes or artificial preservatives.

For large breeds. The food was developed taking into account the needs of pets, whose weight reaches 90 kg, which entails an increased load on the joints. In this regard, it contains an increased number of components that strengthen the musculoskeletal system of animals. This series includes the following items:

  • "African dog" with meat of wild birds - ducks, pigeons, partridges and ostriches. Protein content - 24%, fat - 13%.
  • Golden Field - with camel and ostrich meat. Protein content - 24%, fat - 10%.

The source of carbohydrates is yam (sweet potato). Vitamins and minerals are found in large quantities in pumpkin, parsnip, nettle, hawthorn, dill, raspberries, black currants, flaxseed, yucca extract, blackberries and other similar natural ingredients.

For small breeds. The product was developed by specialists, taking into account the fact that small dogs develop faster than large breeds and lead a more active lifestyle. This series is characterized by an increased protein content, the amount of which reaches 34%. The amount of fat is up to 14%. "Wolf Blood" for small breeds includes a number of the same names as for adult dogs: "Black Bird", "Wild Duck", "Golden Field" and others.

For older animals. Designed for nutrition of small breeds over the age of 8 years, and large breeds older than 6-7 years. It is developed taking into account the characteristics of the aging organism of animals, which lead an increasingly less active lifestyle and need a certain set of vitamins and minerals to maintain good vision and hearing. Strengthens the immune system of pets. The protein content is 21-22%, fat is 11-12%. The line includes the "Gray Top" with horsemeat and goat meat, "Wild duck", as well as other names from the main list of adult foods.

For puppies. Suitable for feeding young dogs immediately after the period of breastfeeding. It is made taking into account the needs of a growing organism of pets, includes a full range of essential vitamins and minerals. It contains up to 34% protein and up to 16% fat.

You can view the current price of feed and buy it right here:

Composition of dry food "Wolf Blood" (Wolfsblut) for dogs

Consider the composition of the feed based on the product "Black Bird" for adult dogs.

It consists of 50% turkey, while 28% is ordinary meat, and 22% is dehydrated. This meat is considered one of the most digestible, it is an excellent source of vitamins A, E and group B, amino acids and Omega-3. Turkey is a source of unsaturated fats, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

The second main component is sweet potatoes, the amount of which reaches 27%. It is considered one of the best diabetic foods as it stabilizes insulin levels. Favorably affects the work of the digestive tract, kidneys and liver, is the prevention of cancer, improves immunity. Recommended for dogs with digestive disorders.

Further in the composition appear:

  • Turkey Fat Rich in Omega-6;
  • Pumpkin - contains beta-carotene, vitamins of groups B, E and C, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and other minerals.
  • Peas - contains a large amount of proteins and carbohydrates;
  • Berries (elderberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, etc.) are sources of vitamins.
  • Dried herbs (parsley, dandelion, thyme, oregano, parsnip, marjoram, etc.).
  • Probiotics MOS and FOS.
  • Yucca extract - helps to reduce flatulence.

Advantages and disadvantages of Wolfsblut feed


  1. The main advantage of Wolf Blood dog food is its composition, which includes exclusively natural components that are readily absorbed by the body, positively affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and other body systems. The food has a high meat content, which reaches 50%.
  2. Another advantage is a wide range of products. Dog owners have the ability to accurately select the food for their animals according to their age and weight. Also, dog breeders will like the variety of meat ingredients used in the manufacture: Indian buffalo, venison, cod, pheasant, mackerel, camel, ostrich, goat, trout, rabbit, camel and others.
  3. The composition does not contain chicken ingredients, often used in dog food, and which are one of the main causes of food allergies.
  4. All fats used in Wolfsblut feeds are of animal origin and are much better absorbed by dogs than vegetable fats.
  5. All feeds contain a large set of phytocomponents, which are not so common in similar products.
  6. There are no chemical components, cereals, GMOs in the diet.


For all of the above advantages, we can conclude that this food belongs to the Holistic class, and even in this segment it is one of the best. The only drawback can be considered only the high cost of production. On average, the price of feed is:

  • 2 kg - from 1200 p.,
  • 7 kg - from 3300 p.,
  • 15 kg - from 5600.

It is quite difficult to find products in ordinary stores, but they can be ordered on the Russian official website, as well as in many online stores.

Wolf Wolf Feed Reviews

Reviews of veterinarians about Wolfsblut dog food in general are positive. Specialists especially recommend it to animals who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as suffering from diabetes and food allergies.

Dmitry, work experience is more than 20 years.

If we analyze the composition of the wolf blood feed, it becomes clear that it belongs to the category of high-quality nutrition. It contains a large number of animal hypoallergenic proteins, an acceptable amount of plant proteins. There are no cereals, as well as chemical additives - flavor and odor enhancers, dyes. The products include a large selection of feeds with different protein and fat contents, which makes it possible for dog breeders to choose the right product in accordance with the age characteristics and breed of the pet. The only thing that could be included in a larger quantity is fiber, but otherwise Wolfsblat is pretty good.

Many positive reviews can be found on the Internet and from the breeders themselves. Here is what Arina, owner of the dachshund, talks about this product:

I heard about food from a friend veterinarian who advised him as one of the best grain-free hypoallergenic feeds to date. The product has an excellent composition, close to the nutrition of wild wolves in their natural environment. The dog also likes food, eats with appetite. It seems that even the appearance has improved - the coat has become more shiny. The pet is active, moves and plays a lot. The chair is normal.

Also, a positive review of the Wolf Wolf dog food was left by Eugene, the owner of a sharpei suffering from food allergies:

Our dog has a sensitive digestion, and from many products it begins to have problems with the skin and coat. We addressed this problem to many veterinarians and tried a huge amount of feed. One specialist prescribed a low protein diet and recommended food. Wolfsblut, which the manufacturer is positioning as a low-protein hypoallergenic product. They tried the Cold River series and were generally satisfied. The pet eats food with pleasure, his skin condition has improved significantly, and the hair has stopped falling out, it has become thick and shiny. I recommend this brand to all dog owners who have digestive problems!

Wolves Blood Dog Food Conclusions

Wolfsblut food belongs to the holistic class and was developed by German nutritionists taking into account the characteristics of the body of dogs of different breeds and ages. It is recommended for animals suffering from eating disorders and allergies, as the components contained in it are easily absorbed by the body of dogs, and do not cause negative reactions. Products have a fairly high cost, but their quality is fully consistent with it. A wide selection of feeds will allow you to choose the right one for each pet in accordance with the characteristics of his body and taste preferences. When feeding, be sure to follow the standards indicated by the manufacturer on the package.

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