Mauricio cat food

Recently, a new Mauricio cat food made in the Czech Republic has appeared in Dixie stores. Whole slices in sauce or jelly are available in sterilized spiders in a packing of 85 g and 100 g and in cans weighing 415 g. There is also dry food in the form of granules, packaged in bags. Goods are sold separately and in sets, and are also widely distributed in stocks. Especially economical is the 100 gram packaging.

New product for the federal network

Mauricio cat food was developed by Mildberry Digging specifically for the Dixie chain, but product reviews are highly controversial. The introduction of new feed to the Russian market is caused by high consumer demand. In particular, in May 2017, the share of animal feed in the network's turnover amounted to 25%, which is a record indicator in recent years. Thus, Mildberry was able to successfully solve the business problem: put on the market such products that could successfully compete with well-known brands Kitekat, Chappi and Pedigree.

The product has various tastes:

  • beef;
  • rabbit;
  • hen;
  • salmon.

In addition to products intended for adult cats, the line includes Mauricio Sterilized food for sterilized animals.

Depending on the weight of the package, the price of a small bag of Maurizio feed varies from 12 rubles. up to 25 rub. Spiders can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature. As the manufacturer indicates, the product will not deteriorate even at a temperature of +35 aboutC. Shelf life is 2 years. Although the product is positioned as manufactured in the Czech Republic, the packaging contains a Russian barcode. Perhaps the feed was packaged and packaged in Russia.


On the package it is written that Mauricio cat food consists of selected ingredients, does not contain preservatives and soy, strengthens the immune system. Its composition:

  • water;
  • meat and meat offal;
  • fish trimmings and fish products;
  • cereals;
  • sugar;
  • vitamins (D3, E);
  • trace elements (zinc, manganese, copper, iodine);
  • taurine;
  • biotin;
  • plant components;
  • plant protein extracts.

As for the percentage of substances, the ratio of 100 g of product in canned food is as follows:

  • 82 percent moisture;
  • 8 percent crude protein;
  • 4.5 percent fat;
  • 2 percent crude ash;
  • 0.3 percent crude fiber.

It would seem that this feed contains all the necessary ingredients for cat's health: shiny coat, smooth skin, sharp eyesight. In particular, a small amount of protein is rather a positive rather than a negative point, since an excess of this component provokes kidney problems in cats. But many questions are caused by meat offal, cereals and sugar.

As for the former, usually this formulation speaks of raw materials of not very high quality. If you take bags of beef, then directly beef they contain only 4%. Usually it is not meat, but lungs, bones and other offal.

High-quality animal feeds, as a rule, do not contain cereals, since they are strong allergens, and therefore not all four-legged pets perceive them. And sugar for cats is generally harmful. It is also not needed as a flavoring additive, because cats don’t perceive sweets. Also in this product contains very few minerals.

Thus, we can conclude that Maurizio is not a premium food, but an economy class. Actually, this confirms its value. Yes, and the packaging itself for premium does not pull in any way, since it was done rather negligently: the inscriptions were broken out poorly, some of them were erased, because of which it is impossible to completely read the information. Unlike expensive feed packages, there is no duplicated formulation on the back of Mauricio sachets

Consumer Reviews

Some cats like Mauricio's food. This applies mainly to those animals that are accustomed to eating Whiskas and Kiteket. They are happy to eat a serving. Others, according to the owners, are suspicious of him, however, as well as everything new. Still others, accustomed to more expensive feeds, simply refuse it.

Elena, mistress of a cat-mestizo

"I saw Dixie in the store and decided to buy a new feed for my pet Mauricio in spiders. I chose the taste with beef. My cat liked it. He ate and licked the bowl. I want to try giving him bags with other flavors. "

Andrey, the owner of two Siamese cats

"My animals are fastidious in food. I decided to treat them to something new and bought Maurizio's food at the Dixie store. I made a statement that it was a Czech product and the composition seemed to be good. I gave food to my kittens, but they didn’t eat. I had to feed all to yard cats. They ate it with pleasure. "

Anna, mistress of a sterilized cat

"Recently I came across a wet food for sterilized cats Maurisio. I had never bought it before, so for a start I carefully studied the composition. It seemed to me that it does not correspond to the premium class, since it contains little protein. At her own peril and risk she fed her darling with this food. Gave a little, she ate everything. I will give occasionally, for a change. Despite the reasonable price, I don’t dare to transfer the cat completely to this food. "

Veterinarian reviews

Since Mauricio cat food is not widely distributed, not all veterinarians have encountered it. And those who know about him, too, can not give either unambiguously positive or negative reviews on how this food affects the health of pets.

Nevertheless, experts do not recommend using it as the main diet. Dry or canned cat food Mauricio can be given to your pet occasionally when you want to diversify your cat's table.

Nikolay, doctor of the veterinary clinic:

“I can’t give a definite answer to customer questions about Mauricio’s feed, as it has appeared on our market recently and there is no data on its constant use. But judging by the composition, I can say that it doesn’t attract premium. I would not recommend using him for regular feeding. "

Tatyana, a veterinarian with 5 years of experience:

"Feed Mauricio the composition is not premium. Also, I can’t say that it is balanced. In this regard, I do not recommend completely transferring cats to it. If pets like it, it can be given occasionally if they are not allergic to the cereals it contains. "

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