Nutram - food for cats and cats

Nutram is a Canadian veterinary company that specializes in the development and manufacture of pet food. According to reviews, Nutram cat food is suitable even for sick animals. This is not surprising, because Nutram has assembled a team of its own certified nutritionists and veterinary experts who develop each prescription. Thanks to the scientific approach and the use of only natural ingredients, Canadian brand feeds are also popular in Russia.

Popular Nutram Feed Types

Nutram feeds differ not only in their palatability, but also in their properties. Most often food for cats and cats Nutram is recommended by veterinarians. If there are no deviations in the health of the pet, then it is worth choosing food, based on age and conditions of detention. In the so-called "standard" line, which is assigned the code "S", there are feeds for small kittens, adult and elderly cats. But Nutram has become world famous for producing food for animals with special needs. The types of products listed below are classified as super-premium.

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Ideal Solution Support Weight Control

Overweight cats should be based on natural nutrients. Nutram experts believe that the goal of a balanced diet is not only to saturate the animal, but also to improve health.

Weight control begins with the normalization of the digestion process. The unique combination of pumpkin and chicory root in the "Ideal Solution Support Weight Control" is designed to solve such a difficult task. Chicory root will contribute to the multiplication of natural intestinal bacteria, and pumpkin will enrich the body with fiber. Fiber, in turn, will help food move along the digestive tract. After eating "Ideal Solution Support Weight Control", the animal will feel full for a long time, which means that the weight will begin to decrease. The elimination of by-products of digestion from the body is ensured by natural diuretics: cranberries and celery seeds.

The price of Nutram for cats and cats with excess weight is: 1000 rubles for a package weighing 1.8 kg, and 3800 rubles for 6.8 kg.

Ideal Solution Support Skin, Coat and Stomach

Easily digestible protein sources as well as omega essential fatty acids form the basis of the feed. This combination contributes to the restoration of the skin and the normal functioning of the digestive tract. Adding slices of natural salmon to the feed made it possible to achieve an immunomodulating effect, which is very important for allergic animals. And for cats that already suffer from unpleasant side effects of skin diseases, the natural antioxidant rosemary will help. Reviews about Nutram for cats suggest that after a month of constant use of dry granules, the hair of the animals became shiny, and allergic rashes completely disappeared.

Estimated cost of packaging weighing 1.8 kg: 1200 rubles; 6.8 kg: 3900 rubles.

Ideal Solution Support Indoor

Some owners do not let their pets out on the street, fearing that the animal will become infected with dangerous diseases or simply flee. The flip side of the indoor content is the lack of natural vitamins and minerals in the cat's diet. "Ideal Solution Support Indoor Cat" contains a large amount of salmon oil and flaxseed, as well as natural fibers of green peas and pumpkins. The constant use of dry granules will clean the intestines of the animal from the accumulated wool, and also make up for the lack of necessary trace elements.

Estimated cost for a package weighing 1.82 kg: 1100 rubles, 6.8 kg: 3500 rubles.

Grain-Free Total Grain-Free

In Russia and the countries of the former USSR, the Canadian producer became popular precisely because of the grain-free type of feed. Budget pellets for cats usually contain:

  • wheat
  • corn;
  • rice;
  • barley.

Most cats normally tolerate food with the above ingredients in the composition. However, breeds that are prone to allergic reactions are advised to give only grainless granules. Indications for the purchase of "Total Grain-Free" may be the following symptoms:

  • periodic itching (in the absence of fleas);
  • constant "licking" of wool;
  • intensive year-round molting;
  • inflamed skin;
  • scabs that suddenly appeared.

In inexpensive feeds marked "Grain-Free", the grain can be replaced with potatoes, beans and even apple cake. Such ingredients usually do not cause allergies, but at the same time do not bring any benefit to the animal. As a result, instead of a balanced diet, the cat receives a real "carbohydrate shock".

Healthy cats are not recommended to buy grain-free food. Grain is a natural source of amino acids necessary for the normal functioning of an animal.

So, if the veterinarian advised to exclude grain from the cat's diet, it is recommended to purchase Nutram "Total Grain-Free". The composition contains components with a low glycemic index. Lentils and green peas in combination with flaxseed support the animal’s immune system. Celery extract (a natural diuretic) helps maintain bladder health and normalize urine pH.

Estimated price for 1.82 kg: 1500 rubles, 6.8 kg: 4000 rubles.

Nutram Feed Ingredients

Nutram is known as a manufacturer of super-premium class, because it uses the highest quality ingredients. Nutram feeds are not "tasteful" of meat or fish, but are made from fresh, natural products.

The manufacturer claims that no heads, legs, tails or entrails are used to make the feed. So you can not be afraid that after prolonged use of Nutram, your pet will begin to suffer from problems with the liver, pancreas.

In almost all types of feed Nutram in the first place in the composition is protein (at least 30%). For the manufacture of protein granules, all water is removed from a natural meat using a special machine. The resulting protein powder has a low fat content (not more than 15%) and has an attractive taste for the animal. Further, fiber sources are mixed with the protein base (approximately 3-5% of the total weight). Nutritionists prefer to use green peas, pumpkin, lentils. Do not worry that the animal "learns" the smell of uncharacteristic products, because most of the feed is protein powder. Additional components that are used to make Nutram feed:

  • water;
  • Omega fatty acid sources;
  • calcium, phosphorus, zinc;
  • ash.

And in order to satisfy the taste needs of each cat, meat and fish pellets are produced.

Why choose Nutram dry food?

Many owners believe that even the nutrition of a super-premium class in its properties will never surpass natural meat. However, veterinarians and nutritionists believe this statement is not entirely true. The fact is that not every person can calculate: how much meat each particular cat needs. If the pet receives more protein than required, then kidney problems will develop over time. Fast weight gain is also possible, which in the long run will lead to joint pain. Also, when feeding a cat naturally, it is important to balance the protein with enough fiber. Otherwise, meat that enters the stomach will digest for a long time and begin to rot. Ultimately, this will end in the multiplication of "bad" bacteria.

The content of active ingredients in Nutram brand feeds was calculated by professional nutritionists, so you don’t have to worry that your pet will not have enough trace elements important for health.

Owner reviews

Angelina, 28 years old.

"For a long time I fed my cat inexpensive Whiskas, because I thought that purebred animals were not too demanding on food. However, after the veterinarian revealed numerous problems with my stomach, liver and pancreas, I decided to purchase Nutram. My new food cat to taste, and after a couple of months the doctor noted a general improvement in health. "

Ulyana, 30 years old.

"The impressions of the grainless feed are mixed. On the one hand, there are a lot of positive reviews, and on the other, the cat began to eat with great reluctance. However, I don’t have much choice as soon as Arisha starts to eat another brand of food, she starts to molt and dandruff begins" .

Veterinarian reviews

Elena Olegovna, a veterinarian with ten years of experience.

"Since Nutram is quite expensive, I recommend it only to those customers whose pets do not respond well to feed of other brands. According to my own observations and feedback from my clients, I can say that 100% switching to dry food from a Canadian producer affects the state of the pet only positively "The quality of the coat improves, and the problems with the digestive tract disappear."

Vitaliy Sergeevich, veterinarian.

"I am often approached by the owners, who fed their pets poor-quality food for several years and eventually provoked the development of allergies, stomach diseases. I always recommend transferring the animal to Nutram" Ideal Solution Support Skin, Coat and Stomach ". Sometimes it is possible to solve all the problems that arise even without "Medical therapy. Despite the high cost, Nutram recommend not only for deviations in health, but also for constant nutrition."

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