The most expensive dogs in the world: breeds

The dog is dog-to-dog, if a puppy of a common breed can be purchased for 5-6 thousand rubles, then for another more rare, noble pet with a lot of titles and awards, you will have to pay hundreds of thousands. So which dog is the most expensive in the world?

The most expensive dogs in the world

The price of the most expensive dogs is in the thousands of dollars and has virtually no upper limit. Afford such an acquisition can only quite wealthy people.

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff is one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. The price of puppies starts at $ 3,000 and is practically unlimited. Record value was recorded at $ 1.5 million. The bitch of this breed cannot give more than one offspring per year, which only adds rarity to the mastiffs and significantly increases their price. Their main value lies in excellent behavioral characteristics and a high level of fidelity.

Lyon Bichon

He is a small lion dog. It is one of the most expensive breeds in the world. It got its name for a kind of "lion's mane." The price of puppies starts at $ 2,000. Lyons at the end of the 16th century were very common in France and Italy. At that time, they were even very often depicted in paintings. In the 60s of the last century, the breed had the status of the rarest, and its high price is associated with this.

Pharaoh Hound

One of the rarest and oldest hunting breeds. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the Pharaohs and Ancient Egypt, which is fully confirmed by appropriate DNA studies. On the territory of Russia it is almost impossible to meet. The price of puppies starts at $ 1,000. Pharaoh dogs are characterized as playful and kind, but somewhat wayward animals. Due to the highly developed hunting instinct, caution should be exercised when co-maintained with smaller pets.

Japanese miniature poodle

He is a toy poodle. Another most expensive dog breed. The price of purebred puppies starts from 4000-5000 dollars. The weight of such an adult poodle does not exceed 1.5 kilograms. It needs very careful care, but due to its very modest size it can be successfully kept even in the smallest apartment. Now these little dogs in South Korea and Japan are a real boom.


An expensive dog breed originally from Germany. Originally bred for catching rats. The price of puppies can reach several thousand dollars. It got its name due to its outward resemblance to primates. "Affe" in translation from German is a monkey. Despite the provocative disposition and curiosity, if necessary, it can very loudly inform about the invasion of a stranger and defend its territory.

Thai ridgeback

The most expensive dog and national hunting breed of Thailand. For a long time it was distributed exclusively in its homeland. And only in the last century, several animals were introduced into America, where the famous dog breeder Sterling took up their breeding. The price of puppies starts at $ 1,000. Ridgebacks are characterized by highly developed thinking and a high level of self-conceit, so raising them for an inexperienced dog breeder can cause some difficulties.


A very ancient Chinese breed. Contained most often in noble houses. It is believed that its representatives existed before our era. The original purpose of Chongqing hunting small game. These dogs also do a good job of guarding the territory entrusted to them. The price of puppies starts at $ 3,500. Such a high cost is associated with the rarity of this breed. According to data from the beginning of the 2000s, its total number did not exceed 2000 dogs.

Pomeranian Spitz

Small decorative dogs come from Germany. Their images are very common on antique luxury goods and coins. These dogs were very fond of the English Queen Victoria. It was she who, in the process of breeding, created miniature forms of Spitz.

Price for puppies starts from 500

dollars, the final cost depends on the breed characteristics of the parents. The breed is very easy to train and easily learns various teams. Its main difference is a cheerful disposition, combined with a very dedicated character.

Akita Inu

She is a big Japanese dog. Service breed, which in its own homeland is revered as a national treasure. Akita Inu even assigned the status of a natural monument.

The breed is characterized by a very high level of devotion, courage and even some nobility. Any team can easily remember Akita Inu and can be first-class security guards. In life, these are very active, playful dogs with simply indefatigable energy. The price of puppies of this breed starts at $ 1,000.


Also known as the Hungarian Shepherd. These are large guard dogs with long white hair. According to an ancient Hungarian legend, they are the result of crossing sheep and wolves. Their long white hair is in the form of dreadlocks and therefore does not need to be combed. Of the features of the breed, it is worth noting the complete absence of seasonal molting. Commanders are bold and very determined dogs with a serious character. Usually they become very attached to children and get along well with other pets. The cost of puppies starts at $ 1,500.

There are many expensive and rare dog breeds. In the modern world, a four-legged pet is very often an indicator of wealth and well-being, and its watchdog and communication skills are relegated to the background. But, despite this, such elite pets still remain loyal friends and excellent companions for outdoor activities. Indeed, in most cases, their fabulously high price does not depend on pedigree characteristics, but on the number of various awards and titles of parents.

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