The dog stopped eating dry food: what to do?

Sometimes it happens that the dog stopped eating dry food, and the reason for this is not always the surface. For some owners, refusing a dog from finished feeds becomes a real problem. Usually this is encountered when a pet needs to be transferred from a “natural” to drying. And it happens that the dog does not want to eat dry food, although he used to eat it with pleasure. Let's figure out what to do in such cases, how to find out the cause of the hunger strike and not harm the pet?

Possible reasons for failure

First of all, it is necessary to determine why the dog, which has always been not against granules, now refuses to eat dry food, only after that it is possible to decide what to do next and how to return the appetite?

The problem is feed

Such concepts as “proper nutrition” and “healthy diet” are familiar to everyone, but not everyone understands and adheres to them. Here are a few examples when a dog refuses to eat dry food due to the fault of the owner.

  • Unusual food.If your pet eats "naturalki", you have to cook constantly, but on trips or due to strong employment, this may not be convenient. The alternative is drying. Owners offer pets a snack with granules, but this is not enthusiastic, they do not seem attractive, not tasty or too harsh to the dog.
  • You can’t fool your nose.If the dog constantly eats dry food, the reason for refusal may be a sharp change in brand or purchase of poor-quality feed (for example, by weight), which tend to oxidize in open packages. Appearance and smell seem ordinary to a person, but you can’t deceive a sensitive dog nose.
  • Spoiled nature.Many small breeds by their nature are very picky about food, and here also the owner is trying by all means at least something to feed the pet. "Do not want food, well, eat at least a piece of meat (cheese, potatoes, cookies, etc.)", "Do not want from a bowl, eat from your hand ...". Plain food is eventually replaced by a piece of goodies. The dog refuses to eat dry food, because he knows, as a result, the yummy will fall over to her, what the owner decides to do in this case: either remove any feeding or go to the "natural".
  • Make it tastier!Dogs are not very demanding on the variety of food, but they can also “bore” food with the same taste. Especially in cases where they periodically receive goodies from the master table and know that food is tastier. Perhaps the reason for the refusal was a sharp lack of familiar flavors. Some owners soak drying with kefir or yogurt, and when they stop, the dog refuses to dry food. Mixed nutrition is allowed only during the transition from one type of feed to another.
  • A matter of quality and quantity.A dog needs many times less dry food than other food. It can be difficult for owners to get used to the idea that now a pet needs not 2 liters of porridge, but only 500 grams of granules. The portions are exorbitantly increased, the animal does not eat up and complaints begin: the dog stopped eating dry food.

Physical inactivity

Many dogs, especially those who live in an apartment, lead a sedentary lifestyle. Their everyday life is limited to short calm walks with a minimum number of games, or even without them at all.

Animals simply do not waste all their energy and eventually become more lethargic, indifferent to all kinds of entertainment. As a result, decreased appetite may be observed.

Try to slightly increase physical activity, and then pay attention to appetite. It is important to remember that you can feed your pet no earlier than an hour after a walk.

Stressful situations

Many dogs refuse to eat dry food, as they are stressed, like humans. They can hardly survive a long stay alone, moving, losing their owner, and sometimes even the noise of a neighbor's repair or the appearance of small children. Owners often do not know or forget that stress is not only a psychological, but also a physical reaction of the body to situations that are difficult to quickly adapt to. Analyze recent events, perhaps the reason lies in the fact that the dog refuses to feed.

If any stress factor really exists, it must be eliminated or try to accustom the dog to the irritant. It is possible to use light sedatives on plant components, but in any case, adaptation will take a lot of time.

Physiology features

Often, bitches lose their appetite during estrus, and in males, when they hear a “walking” girl nearby. Such changes are normal and do not require intervention. The animal in this period has more important matters than nutrition.

Health problems

Often, health problems lead to a lack of appetite. For example, a disease of the oral cavity (stomatitis), as well as the upper respiratory tract (runny nose). More serious internal illnesses can lead to loss of appetite.

Not all diseases are accompanied by pronounced symptoms, so loss of appetite is the first alarming bell to go to an appointment with a veterinarian.

What to do?

Most often, dogs are transported to dry food due to the convenience of such feeding or because of the need to switch to a dietary therapeutic diet, which is released in the form of dry granules. To transfer a dog from one type of food to another, you need to follow several rules:

  • The transition should be gradual. Not only a dog is taught to dry food, but also its digestive system, for 2 weeks.
  • Drying begins to mix in ordinary food in small quantities. Every day, replace a quarter of the entire portion, until the granules completely displace the porridge.

Do not forget that with the addition of dry food, portions need to be reduced, since granules need much less than liquid food.

  • If the dog does not want to eat dry food, the granules can be soaked with boiled water. Puppies are allowed to soak dry with kefir or homemade yogurt. Just be sure to make sure that this does not provoke an upset.
  • Food should be of high quality (not lower than premium) and, of course, like a dog.
  • Food is undesirable to leave in the public domain. Also, as in the case of natural nutrition, the dog should have its own regime and fixed portions.

If the dog refused dry food, then there is always a reason for this. To find out and solve it is the task of any responsible and loving owner.

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