The dog stands on its hind legs

In 2016, an online community blew up a video in which a small dog in a dress walks along the corridors of a hospital, amusing patients. Someone considered this a miracle, but most users were indignant, expressing the opinion that this is real mockery of the animal. But this is not the only dog ​​that stands on its hind legs and seems to enjoy it.

Funny dogs

Whoever has not seen the video with the Chinese doggie Du-doo has missed a lot in his life. This is not just a dog that stands on its hind legs, like a person, it is a real mod. The owner dresses his pet in stylish clothes, and behind the back of Du-do - a bright backpack. The dog not only runs, but also jumps with pleasure, not at all afraid of people.

Russian dogs are not far behind their Chinese relatives. A poodle named Rocky became the star of the domestic screen. His mistress Juliana Borovik assures that this is not a training. The dog really walks like that. And it all started with the fact that Rocky met the owner, who came in a tall car. As trainers say, poodles are really characterized by such an imitation of man. This breed reacts very subtly to the reaction of people, therefore, seeing that unusual habits bring praise from the owner, the poodle will do his tricks again and again.

Residents of Voronezh were lucky to see such an unusual dog with their own eyes. They have their own "kangaroo dog." This is not a baby, but a mixture of husky and akita. The most interesting thing is that Fidel, and that is exactly the name of the Voronezh hero, gets up on his hind legs in the cold. Perhaps he likes winter, and an unusual way of moving is just a means of expressing joy. Proof of this is the photo and video, which shows how the dog walks on a leash mistress, and not vice versa.

Tatyana Maltseva, Fidel’s “mother,” says she never taught her dog this trick, so to speak, “by the bone”. The photo on Fidel’s personal page on Instagram ( shows that the dog stands on its hind legs for fun, and not following the command.

How to teach a dog to stand on its hind legs

If you really want the pet to look like YouTube stars, you can teach the dog this trick, but this does not mean that the animal will enjoy the process of vertical walking. His task is to master the “Get Up!” Team. The duration of the training process will depend not only on the persistence of the owner, but also on what breed to work with. Large dogs or breeds with short paws master this command more difficult than their small congeners.

  1. The first step is to teach the pet to "serve." To do this, you need some support and a piece of goodies. It is necessary to take food in the hand and hold it in the direction from the muzzle up, prompting the pet to stand on its hind legs. First, the dog will need help: put his paws on a support, so that the animal feels balance. Each time, the arm should be higher and higher, until the limbs are completely straightened.
  2. In the second stage, the dog is taught to stand without support. With the help of goodies, they raise the animal up, and then raise a hand behind the head, prompting the pet to tear its front paws from the support. All actions are carried out with the “Get Up!” Team. The owner’s task is to ensure that the dog confidently performs the rear rack, does not fall forward and does not spin.
  3. The third step is steps. You can learn to walk back first. Dog on the command "Get up!" stands on its hind limbs, then the owner takes his hands with a treat for the dog’s head, prompting him to move for a tasty promotion. When the steps back are mastered, one can learn to walk forward in a similar way.

Such physical exercises are very difficult for animals, as they are uncharacteristic of their physiology. Do not do such tricks with puppies or with older dogs.

The dog is walking on its hind legs: video

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