Why does a cat climb under a blanket: everything is very simple and clear

Does your cat crawl under the covers? Purrs, stomps, fidgets, and then leaves for his place? Want to understand what that means? Are you worried that the pet is not feeling well? Let's look at the oddities that suddenly surged over the pet.

Instincts and habits

Wild cats sleep in the recesses, but prefer an open area. The reason is the survival instinct, the tailed must always be able to abruptly stand up, fight or run. Most likely, you saw movies about lions. The male, the leader of the pack, sleeps on a hill, which helps protect not only himself, but also the lionesses. The conclusion is obvious, cats do not tend to hide during sleep.

There are several species of small wild cats that live in burrows. This is explained by the habitat, as larger predators live around the caudate. Otherwise, the need to hide during sleep appears only when the animal is vulnerable. Transferring these natural laws to pets, we can conclude that if a sick or pregnant cat crawls under a blanket - this is absolutely normal.

Do not worry if the pet has been accustomed to sleep in comfortable places since childhood. Some pets like to bury themselves in things of the owner or climb under the covers just because it is so softer and more comfortable. In many pets, the need to sleep covered arises from nowhere, the cat tries once and realizes that she is well. Further, this habit takes root and enters into the usual daily routine.


The obvious and most common reason a cat crawls under a blanket is heat search. The body temperature of pets is higher than ours, that is, it is more comfortable for them to be under a blanket or sleep on a heating radiator, especially in winter. In the summer, when the owners are exhausted from the heat, the cat can also look for heat at night and climb under the covers. Another reason is temperature stability. It is known that the blanket itself does not warm, but it allows you to retain body heat, that is, reduce heat transfer.

Desire for comfort - An equally important reason why cats climb under the covers. The owner’s bed, and the blanket itself are soft. Although most cats are not picky about choosing a place to sleep, every other cat will prefer a soft surface to a hard one. In childhood, kittens are more comfortable sleeping on the soft, as they still gravitate to the memories of their mother, brothers and sisters. Older cats may suffer from joint pain, which becomes less annoying when warm on a soft surface.

Desire for peace - the unconditioned reflex inherent in all living beings. The reason for motivation is the ability to fall into a deep phase of sleep. When it is noisy and light around, the cat can doze, but not sleep. It is in the stage of deep sleep that the animal ceases to hear, that is, to be in the most vulnerable state. However only in a state of deep sleep, immunity works at full strength and tissue is actively updated (cell division). It has been established that animals under constant stress age much faster precisely because they cannot graze. By the way, when cats are cold, she also can not fall into a deep phase of sleep. Moreover, when the body is actively heated, the vitality of the cat is exhausted very quickly.

It’s hard for many animals daily separation from the owner. It’s normal for you to go to work, and when you come to stroke your pet. For a cat, this is not enough and she will crawl under the covers only because she wants to smell your scent. It can be not only a sense of affection. Some unsterilized pets are attracted by the smell of the owner’s sweat, which is especially true for cats and male owners. The smell of hygiene products (shower gel, shaving products) can exude a mint flavor or light notes of valerian that cats really like.

Note! If you bathe a child in sedatives (valerian, string, motherwort) before bedtime, the cat may tend to sleep next to the baby.

There are thousands of cases where cats helped the owner cope with stress or poor health. Pets showed persistent attention, literally having fun on the owner, crawling into the bed ... and this helped the person to feel better. It is believed that cats subtly feel emotions and perfectly determine the owner’s stress using their sense of smell. If your pet is very intrusive, think about it, maybe you are tormented by some kind of experience, and the cat is trying to calm you down.

Hundreds of confirmed cases describe how cats saved their owners from imminent disaster. The story about how the cat did not let the owner sleep, climbed under the covers, scratched and lured him in every possible way from the bedroom to the kitchen ... and when the four-legged seer nevertheless took her master out of the bedroom, a huge piece of concrete slab fell onto the bed. Without a doubt, a man would have died if he had not listened to the call of the pet. A lot of stories tell how cats warn their owners about bouts of epilepsy or heart failure. Some animals saved their owners by bringing essential medicines in their teeth ... it's unbelievable, it's amazing, but it's a fact.

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