Evinton - an immunomodulator for dogs

Your dog's health is in your hands. Even many infectious diseases can be prevented or, at least, significantly weakened their negative impact on the animal's body, if vaccinations are given in time. If you want to enhance the positive effect of the vaccine on the body, we offer you the drug Evinton.

What it is?

This is the name of a homeopathic remedy, which includes extracts of three plants at once:

  • Thuja. It has antiseptic and antiviral effects.
  • Echinacea. The plant is known worldwide for its excellent immunomodulating and tonic properties.
  • The gusset. In fact, this plant belongs to the category of poisonous. But in homeopathic doses, it has remarkable antiviral properties, which is especially well confirmed in the treatment of oral papillomas.

In addition, the composition of the drug, depending on its form of release, may include sodium chloride, water for injection or a filler (in the case of tablets). Available in bottles of 10/100 milliliters (for injection), as well as tablets, packaged in blisters made of plastic and aluminum foil.

Important!When buying a solution, carefully look at the bottle: the liquid must be absolutely clear! Any impurities and turbidity indicate inconsistency of storage conditions with the stated requirements (in particular, Avinton freezing is not allowed). Use of such a medicine is strictly prohibited!

What are the positive qualities of the drug?

According to the reviews of the owners who used the medicine to treat their pets and the information of the manufacturer, this remedy has no side effects, practically (except in rare cases) it does not cause allergic reactions, can be used in combination with other medicinal substances and even vaccines.

As for the last point, the manufacturer reports that you can use Evinton in cases where you need to plant a weakened and depleted doggie. Just a week or two before vaccination, you need to feed him well and give the drug regularly. After this period, the animal’s immune system will be in perfect order, with vaccination a stable and intense immunity will be formed. The medicine does not have any chemical interaction with the components of vaccinations, and therefore no surprises should be expected.

In what cases is the drug used?

Breeders say that Evinton can be used in almost all types of infections of bacterial and viral etiology. Of course, this does not mean at all that this medicine is suitable for the direct treatment of any leukemia or carnivorous plague, since for these purposes there are completely different drugs. Evinton's task is to support the body of a sick cat through a restorative and stimulating effect.

The drug proved itself very well in preparing the animal for vaccinations (as we already wrote about). Owners of dogs who underwent serious abdominal surgery also report a significantly accelerated recovery time for their pets even after very serious injuries. Of course, the same applies to dogs recovering from serious infectious diseases. The medicine described by us in this case is also useful for the complete destruction of the pathogen residues in the body.

Dosage and Administration

For the combined treatment of animals from infectious pathologies, we recommend using the injection form of the drug. In this case, the absorption time is faster, and the effect of the drug is much more pronounced. Dogs of large breeds are injected intramuscularly with up to 4 milliliters of medicine, "little things" and puppies are prescribed 2.5-3 milliliters. The drug is administered intramuscularly. The composition of the drug is selected in such a way that it quickly dissolves in the tissues of the animal, without causing any side effects in the form of swelling and swelling.

Attention! If you use Evinton in tablets for dogs, then everything becomes even easier. Oversized animals are given up to three pills at a time, medium ones two each, dwarfs and puppies one at a time.

The duration of treatment depends on the disease, physiological condition and other factors. So, when removing papillomas in the oral cavity, it may take two to three weeks, and in the treatment of the same growths, but formed between the fingers of the animal, the period often increases to six or more weeks.

Especially good for animals, Evinton has proven itself in the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. In wet and rainy weather, it can be given as a means to prevent colds (one tablet per day). This is especially true for "pocket" doggies, which have to be taken for a walk in a pair of blankets.