Why Dogs Love Sleeping with the Owner: Explained by Experienced Breeders

Almost all dogs love to sleep with the owner, but most of them do not have such an opportunity. The rules for raising four-legged animals clearly indicate that the dog has no place on upholstered furniture and even more so in bed. However, now the conversation is not about that. Who knows why the dog wants to sleep with the owner, because there must be motivation.

Why do thousands of owners boldly ignore the rules of dressing and take pets to bed and is it a whim? Let’s clarify the reasons why a pet wants your bed, what you lose and gain if you let the dog go to bed.

Reasons to sleep together

True connoisseurs of canine society do not see anything supernatural in a joint dream. It so happened that people tend to humanize a pet. Dogs are very individual, some of them do not like too close contact with people. For example, watchmen prefer not to stay in a dwelling for a long time, and they can even sleep on the ground. The opposite example is decorative dogs, which are very arrogant in public, but sleep exclusively with the owners.

Let's not forget that pretty often the dog sleeps next to the owner because it is allowed to. There are several reasons, someone likes the company of a pet, and someone cannot drive him out of bed. Many owners appreciate sleeping with pets in the winter, because it is more comfortable and warmer. Why some people adore sleeping with a dog, while others cannot even tolerate the presence of four-legged animals, we will not understand, in the end, no one is obligated to love anyone. However, if the previous question can be answered, then animal motivation is a true mystery.

Sleep next to the owner is much warmer than under the bed - This is an obvious reason. Of course, sleeping together in hot weather is a great test for the dog and owner. However, the heat can not drive the pet off the bed, which means that the search for a heat source is not the only reason.

The search for a heat source can be called the main cause of sleep in the owner’s bed, if it is a matter of bare and miniature rocks. The first freeze in winter and summer, and the reason is obvious - the lack of wool. Even the most comfortable sunbed and warm clothes will not replace the heat of the human body, especially under the covers. Miniature dogs freeze due to many factors:

  • Small size and accelerated metabolism - the dog physically cannot fully heat itself, since it takes too much energy to heat.
  • The bottom layer of air is always the coldest.
  • A small growth does not save from a draft, but an accelerated metabolism leads to a very large expenditure of energy for own heating.

Important! If you decide to wean the puppy to sleep on the bed with the owner, do it very gently, as in childhood, pets gravitate towards the owner when they are bored.

Perhaps the dog sleeps in the place of the owner because it is more convenient. It may not be in egoism, but in an uncomfortable or too small sunbed. Before buying a sunbed, carefully watch the dog in which poses she sleeps. Some tetrapods are sleeping, stretched to their full height, which suggests a large area of ​​the mattress. By the way, if your dog goes to bed in your bed as soon as you leave for work, there are two reasons: convenience and your smell. A strong smell persists on the owner’s pillow, which helps the dog calm down if he is bored.

The owner’s busy schedule and lack of attention is one of the main reasons why the dog sleeping at the feet of the owner. Lack of attention and affection, expressed by passive pressure on the owner. The dog seeks attention by any means, including storming the bed. If you try to drive the pet out, it will give a paw and flippers, look into your eyes and seduce you in every way. Excessive rudeness will lead to resentment and accumulated anger, which translates into disobedience or non-control.

It’s up to you to decide how to act in such a situation, but if you cannot pay enough attention to your pet for good reason, it’s better to put up with it. Let the pet sleep at the feet or at least by the bed. Lack of interpersonal contact always harms the psyche of the dog and ends in big trouble for the owner.

Loneliness, even in the presence of the owner, is guaranteed to lead to development depression, which can be characterized as constant and deep stress. It has long been proven that stress adversely affects all the vital systems of the body, that is, the dog will be sick for "incomprehensible" reasons. Remember that friendship and your responsibility is checked in the most difficult situations.

Note! A dog can commit frankly unacceptable acts for the sake of punishment (this is also a form of communication). This behavior indicates an extreme degree of intimidation (the dog does not know that it is possible to communicate differently) or severe depression.

All animals act on the instinct of survival. The dog needs not only warmth and food, it strives for safety, as a result, for comfort and peace. It is believed that a dog with too independent disposition cannot be happy, because it is constantly concerned about its safety. Seeing the owner as the leader, the four-legged person also considers the person as a defender who will take care of the pack in case of danger. Perhaps the desire to sleep in the owner's bed is due to:

  • The noise - the dog cannot sleep deeply in a noisy environment and seeks protection.
  • The presence of guests or small children in the house - Fatigue and stress make the pet feel vulnerable.
  • Stealthily evolving pathology, in which the dog experiences weakness, and cannot fully defend itself.
  • Fear any other type.

Important! During the initial training of the dog, most of the time is devoted to subordination, so that the puppy clearly understands who the leader of the pack is. This is done not only for better obedience, but also so that the pet can find protection in the person of the owner in case of weakness, illness, etc.

Orphaned puppies accustomed to the fact that their life depends on a person. Judge for yourself whether a blind puppy can survive and how much attention a person should pay so that the baby nevertheless opens his eyes and begins to eat on his own. With artificial feeding, the nanny performs absolutely all maternal functions - feeds, stimulates the emptying of the intestines and bladder, heats, washes, teaches. Having grown in this way, the pet will consider the “parent” leader, protector and breadwinner for the rest of his life. Artificial puppies often sleep “at hand” with the guardian, whether these traditions should be changed is up to you ... but if possible, you don’t need to do this.

It is interesting! The dog may be aiming for the owner’s bed because it likes the smell of the owner’s sweat, including legs.

Owners say that their pets not only climb into bed, but also strive to lay their head on their chest. There is nothing strange in this behavior, because listening to the beat of the heart, the dog calms down. This reaction can be explained by unconditional instincts, since the clearest sound that a puppy hears in the womb is a beating of the heart.

The last reason that can be called common is dominant behavior. It should be understood that dominant dogs can be divided into species. The desire to lead was not given to all dogs, some of them can not stand the noble "battle" and go on to aggression.

Climb onto the bed and better see the protected area - This is a noble dominance. The pet considers it his duty to protect you even during sleep, and this can not be called a bad desire, if it does not go beyond the personal framework. Dominants of this type regularly inspect the territory, are wary of strangers, males, can mark.

Dominants who are not characterized by a desire for protection climb into bed because consider yourself superior to you. This is a very “slippery” situation from which you need to exit correctly. Of course, it’s better not to accustom the dog to sit and sleep on upholstered furniture if you do not plan to allow such behavior in adulthood. If this moment of education was missed, it is important to wean the ward from a bad habit without undermining his authority. You need to start by buying a comfortable sunbed and working out the "Place" command.

Why should the dog not sleep in the owner’s bed?

Between fans and opponents of sleep with a dog, disputes constantly flare up. Both sides give arguments that deserve attention. Oddly enough, it is the opponents who lose most often, since their protest is conditional and based on an imposed opinion. Note that dogs of some breeds really should not sleep in bed and on upholstered furniture, due to the tendency to territorial domination of the owner.

Remember any film about wolves, and if you haven’t seen such, then a cartoon about Mowgli. Where did Akella sleep? Correctly, on a rock, above all, looking after the flock and constantly pricked up his ears. This is a vivid illustration of the hierarchy, the one who sleeps higher is the most important. When you allow the dog to sleep in its bed, you show that the position of the pet is not lower than yours. TThis tactic is acceptable for shy and neurotic dogs, but unacceptable for hard and aggressive breeds.

Important! Even if you want to sleep with a dog and you do not care about conventions, do not forget about instincts. A pet that has received certain signals from you should not decide that it is more important. Without a leadership position, you have no right to command, much less order.

It is quite possible to avoid pet's intrusive attempts to sleep with you, for this you need to make sure that the dog is cozy, comfortable and safe. If you have several pets, clearly separate their sleeping areas. If possible, place sun loungers at different ends of the room. By the way, a dog’s lounger must be mandatory, even if you can’t buy a quality accessory, you can do it yourself.

Note! Night visits to the veterinary clinic are often associated with injuries because the owner tripped over the dog in the dark. If the ward is sleeping on a sunbed, you can confidently move around the house without fear of stepping on the dog.

Sleeping in the same bed definitely increases the chances of becoming infected with parasites. Fleas can settle in the mattress and blanket. On a walk, a dog can step into feces, sewage, or any other source of bacteria, and if you don’t wash your pet’s paws, all these “charms” will be on your bed. By the way, salmonella, which is dangerous for humans, is successfully stored in animal feces. All these arguments are broken about the assertion that there is no danger with quality care for the dog. Regular parasite prophylaxis, daily bedtime examinations, paw washing, and other activities minimize the risk of health risks.

Important! The only weighty argument that really puts the question of sleeping together with the dog in doubt is the owner’s tendency to be allergic to hair or skin secretions, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Is sleeping with dogs good?

Arguments in favor of sleeping with a dog sounded publicly not so long ago. Experienced owners can always describe the pros and cons, but in the "official arena", in the media and among experts, there are no traditional arguments for the pros. If you turn to the owner who is sleeping with a dog, his story will be very similar to the rest.

As a puppy, the pet accidentally fell asleep on the owner's bed. Not wanting to wake the baby, the guardian calmly fell asleep next to him, and in the morning he found that his dream was stronger and deeper, and his mood was just excellent. The next day, following the canons of upbringing, the puppy went to bed on a sunbed and the morning disappointed the owner - he woke up awake, gloomy and with a heavy head. Further, the pros and cons are weighed, the sleeping puppy does not bring any inconvenience, but the quality of rest improves. So what's the problem? Let the dog sleep in bed.

It is not known what exactly caused the social surveys, and the tendency to sleep with pets is also possible. Each participant was asked whether the pet is sleeping in his bed and what he thinks about it. The results were a triumph for one side and a surprise for the other:

  • 58% of owners often sleep with their dogs in bed, and more than 35% of them report that their sleep quality has worsened.
  • About 33% admitted that they sleep with dogs in the same bed 4 or more days a week ... and they are happy with everything.
  • A little more than 10% of respondents said that their pet’s manner of sleeping in a master’s bed is annoying.

Important! Lack of proper sleep adversely affects the health of the owner, so be wise to assess the lifestyle and needs of your pet.

Though not the majority, but many of the respondents spoke for a dog sleeping in the same bed. With a positive answer to a number of questions, experts asked to explain the motivation and the answers converged almost completely:

  • Comfort because the dog breathes nearby - This is an absolute instinct, because sleeping in a pack is safer. You will not be able to control such desires, and is there any sense in doing this? If you are aiming for a flock of sleep, there is anxiety in your life that you have not yet dealt with. Without measured sniffling of a pet near by, the quality of sleep and comfort can be significantly reduced.
  • Security Search - almost a similar explanation.
  • It's warm, because a dog is a living heating pad. This argument is not relevant for everyone and not all year round, however, it is often cited.
  • Habit - albeit not the most respectful, but very important reason. If as a child, you fell asleep with a dog, you will strive to return to this comfortable state in adulthood.

Naturally, no situations can be taken to extremes. At one of the dog lovers' forums, a blatant case is described. The head of the family slept with two large dogs separately from his wife. The situation has reached such an absurdity that the loving owner has turned into a no less gentle, always sleepy zombie. The situation was decided simply - the head of the family bought another single bed, the wife continued to sleep on the couch, and the dogs got a double bed. This is an abnormal situation, because in it, the dog owner has lost his main advantage - the position of leader of the pack.

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