Collars for dogs against fleas and ticks: a list of popular models

Collars for dogs against fleas and ticks prevent the infection of pets with ectoparasites such as fleas, lice, ixodid ticks and blood-sucking insects. Currently, you can choose this accessory taking into account the physiological state, size and age of the animal, coat length, principle and duration of action, as well as aesthetic preferences.

This method of prevention is very popular, because it does not require the owners of the time and physical costs that are necessary when processing other external acaricides.

Why fleas and ticks are dangerous for dogs

In the process of feeding, fleas, lice and other ectoparasites insects cause severe anxiety to dogs. In addition to mechanical effects, they secrete their vital products, often provoking allergic reactions.

Animals comb itchy places where dermatitis and eczema occur, and when pathogenic microflora gets into the wounds, purulent inflammations occur. In the affected areas, hair loss, thickening of the epidermis, the appearance of crusts and rashes are observed.

Important! Even after the elimination of parasites, the pet continues to itch for a long time, helping to maintain inflammation.

With severe infection in dogs, the appetite decreases, they begin to lose weight, constantly itch, can squeal and whine. In severe cases, anemia and exhaustion occurs.

In addition, these ectoparasites are intermediate hosts of cucumber tapeworm and some other helminthic invasions.

Ticks attack pets during walks, stick to the skin and feed on blood. In a mass attack, they emit a large number of toxic products leading to inflammatory edema and allergic reactions. But the most dangerous is the transmission by parasites through the saliva of the causative agents of pyroplasmosis, which can cause the death of a pet.

Therefore, knowing what fleas and ticks are dangerous for dogs, owners prefer to use means that prevent infection with these ectoparasites.

Types and principle of action

The numerous types and principles of collars allow owners to choose the right option for their pet, given the age, body weight, breed, coat length, as well as the degree of danger of infection.

Chemical collars

Insect acaricidal chemical collars are elastic plastic straps saturated with specific toxic drugs. In contact with warm skin, the active components gradually begin to stand out and spread through the coat and skin of the pet.

The composition and principle of action distinguish:

  • insecticides and acaricides that cause the death of parasites at all stages of development;
  • repellents that repel blood-sucking insects and arthropods.

Restrictions on the use of chemical collars are:

  • age up to six months;
  • the period of gestation and breastfeeding of puppies;
  • exhaustion;
  • recent illnesses and operations that reduce the body's resistance;
  • advanced age of dogs;
  • the presence of mechanical damage to the skin in the area of ​​contact with the product.

Most owners prefer this method of protection because of its proven effectiveness and affordability.


For pregnant females, puppies, weakened and old pets, there are biological collars. As repellents, they contain certain essential oils and extracts from plants.


The ultrasonic collars that appeared not so long ago on the shelves of pet stores are a tape with an electronic device mounted on it in the form of a small key fob, running on batteries. Their principle of operation is based on the transmission of impulses that deter mites from bloodsucking insects.

As a positive characteristic, it is worth highlighting the absence of toxic components in contact with the skin of the animal. But among the negative factors noted high cost and low efficiency.

Advantages and disadvantages of collars

Before deciding in favor of one or another insecticaricidal agent, it is worth evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of collars.


  • the convenience of use;
  • a duration of action of 2 to 8 months;
  • elimination of the possibility of overdose due to the gradual and slow release of the active component;
  • complex action against several types of parasites;
  • the absence of fatty and coloring substances in the composition that can stain surrounding objects in the living room;
  • wide selection.

Important! Cheap models or collars purchased at non-specialized locations may contain pesticides and other harmful components that can cause severe allergies, dermatitis, or poisoning.


  • pungent odor persisting for several days after opening the package;
  • the possibility of dogs becoming allergic to the active substance;
  • low efficiency in dogs of long-haired breeds due to the limited location of the product.

Important! It is impossible to combine the wearing of a collar with the application of other forms of insectoacaricides.

The cost of a collar is difficult to rank as pluses or minuses. They are somewhat more expensive than other means, but they are not necessary. acquire monthly or update before every walk.

How to choose a collar

To get the maximum effect and avoid unwanted complications, you need to know how to choose the right collar for your pet. For this, the following criteria are taken into account:

  • The length and width of the product. The collar should be in contact with the skin, but not squeeze or rub the neck of the pet.
  • Age. Most chemical collars are for puppies older than six months. This is indicated on the packaging, which must be clearly followed.
  • Physiological condition. Pregnant, lactating, sick and elderly animals wearing contraindications contraindicated.
  • Manufacturing firm. It should not be thought that the acquisition of expensive collars from famous brands is an irrational use of funds, since you have to overpay for a "promoted" name. It must be understood that eminent companies have their own research laboratories, the ability to purchase expensive raw materials for manufacturing products, use innovative technologies and carry out quality control at a fairly high level. Manufacturers understand that in the conditions of fierce competition it is very important not only to win, but also to maintain a good reputation. Therefore, in most cases, the ratio of price and quality is justified.

Unable to make the right choice, it is best to contact an experienced breeder, sales assistant, pet store consultant or veterinarian.

Instructions for use

In order to properly wear a collar, there is an instruction for use, which includes the following items:

  • after removing the product from the packaging, the restraining jumpers must be removed;
  • untwist the strap and put it on the pet, leaving a gap of one and a half centimeter between it and the body;
  • trim the extra length.

Important! Before using the collar, it is necessary to destroy the existing ectoparasites and their larvae.

Device begins to protect the dog from fleas and ticks only after 2-3 days from the moment of wearing. Therefore, going to a country trip, you should take care of the safety of the pet in advance. Insect acaricidal collars are designed to be worn continuously. Remove them only before bathing or in the rain.

Precautionary measures

Existing precautions can be divided into 2 categories.

  • For a person:
    • take on the collar only with protective gloves;
    • wash hands thoroughly after accidental contact with the strap;
    • keep this appliance in a place where small children, pets and people with mental disorders are denied access.
  • For animals:
    • discontinue use after the first manifestations of allergies;
    • do not combine with other drugs against ectoparasites;
    • not to purchase or use products of dubious quality, if the integrity of the packaging is broken or there is no instruction;
    • prevent cracking and swallowing of collar pieces.

Important! When walking, you must make sure that the collar does not get into the oral cavity of other dogs during the game.

Popular flea and tick collars for dogs

The ranking of the most popular flea and tick collars for dogs includes products from German, Russian and Dutch manufacturers.


In the first place, breeders unanimously put forward Foresto collars from the German company Bayer, produced for small and large dog breeds. It is approved for use by puppies from the age of seven months.

It includes:

  • imidacloprid, fatally acting on fleas at all stages of development;
  • flumetrin, scaring and destroying ticks.

The action begins after 48 hours and lasts for 8 months.


  • lack of an unpleasant smell;
  • water resistance;
  • the presence of two clips with a reflective effect in the dark.

The only drawback is the high cost of the product.


Bayer Kiltix collars are available in three sizes (35, 48 and 65 cm) for easy selection. It is applied from the age of six months and is valid for seven months. The strap is saturated with proxoxur and flumetrin, which destroy all ectoparasites and their larvae.

The device is waterproof, but experts say that prolonged contact with water reduces the duration of the collar.


The Dutch company Beaphar offers the Beafar collar of the same name.

Its active ingredient is diazinon, which destroys fleas, ixodid and sarcoptoid ticks. The activity of the drug begins on the fifth day after fixing on the neck of the pet and persists for 2-4 months.

An advantage can be considered an affordable price with good product performance.


The Bars collar presented by Russian manufacturers is available in three sizes (80, 50 and 35 cm). It is saturated:

  • fipronil acting on sexually mature fleas, lice, scabies and ixodid ticks;
  • diflubenzuron, which blocks the processes occurring in the larval stages of parasites, leading to the cessation of their reproduction.

The device is valid for at least four months.

Important! In the first day after application, parasites can still attack the animal, but then they fall off spontaneously. During this time, infection of the pet with pyroplasmosis or another dangerous disease can occur. Therefore, if any alarming symptoms are detected, you should urgently contact the clinic.

The use of the collar can begin after the puppies are 2 months old.


The Dutch company Beaphar produces waterproof collars Ungezieferban, impregnated with diazinon.

It is allowed to put on puppies, starting from six months of age.

The insect-acaricidal effect of the product begins to appear only after 5-7 days after the first contact with the skin of the dog, preventing a subsequent attack of fleas for 5 months, and ticks - 2.5 months. This fact is important for those owners who often take out-of-town walks with their pet, as well as those who live in an area unsuccessful for pyroplasmosis.

S.O.S. Flea & tick collar

Beaphar also introduces S.O.S. collars. Flea & Tick Collar, used for adult animals and puppies, starting from six months of age.

The active substance is tetrachlorvinphos. It is not absorbed into the systemic circulation, but is evenly distributed throughout the skin and hairline of dogs. It destroys existing blood-sucking insects and arthropods, and also prevents infection by new individuals.

The product is suitable for pets with sensitive skin, as it does not have a local irritating and allergic effect. This device prevents flea attacks for eight, and ticks for four months.

Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Collar

The Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Collar collar is available in three sizes: 50, 58 and 65 cm. The white product is almost imperceptible on representatives with a light color, but it also looks very elegant on dark wool.

The active substance is tetrachlorvinphos, which remains effective against blood-sucking parasites and ixodid ticks for 7 months.

The full action of the collar begins on the 5-7th day after fixing it on the neck of the pet. The product is waterproof, therefore, in case of accidental wetting, it does not reduce its activity and does not require urgent replacement.


The Scalibor collar, manufactured by the Dutch company MSDAnimal Health, is one of those few devices that have an insect-acaricidal repellent effect, repelling and preventing mosquito, mosquito and mosquito bites.

The active substance (deltamethrin), impregnating the product, is evenly distributed on the surface of the skin of the dog, not absorbed into the blood and sebaceous glands. This allows its use to puppies at the age of 7 weeks and pregnant females.

The maximum activity of the collar is achieved 7 days after the start of use and lasts 6 months.

The effectiveness of the collar does not decrease when wet.

But manufacturers convincingly ask owners to remove the product from the pet when immersed in open natural reservoirs, since the deltamethrin released into the water has a negative effect on fish and aquatic organisms. Also Among the advantages of the Scalibor collar is the absence of an unpleasant odor.

Rolf club 3D

German developers Veterinary Bio UG offer collars Rolf club 3D, the length of which is 40, 65 and 75 cm. It is moisture resistant, exudes a slight odor and is painted gray.

The product has a complex effect on blood-sucking parasites, mosquitoes and ixodid ticks due to the presence of three active components.

  • Fipronil, provoking paralysis and death of sexually mature ectoparasites.
  • d-cypenotrin, which prevents ticks, fleas and mosquitoes from biting an animal.
  • Piriproksifen, causing the death of the larval stages of insects.

The collar is valid for six months. It is approved for use by puppies from the age of three months. But the question of the advisability of its use for pregnant females should be discussed with a veterinarian.

Insectal plus

Insectal plus collar from the Russian manufacturer Ecoprom, is available in three sizes (35, 65 and 80 cm). It is a moisture-resistant product of light brown color, impregnated with fipronil and permethrin. These substances have a detrimental effect on sexually mature individuals of blood-sucking cutaneous parasites and ixodid ticks at all stages of development.

The device is allowed to be used by young dogs starting at four months of age. Active substances begin to show their properties on 3-4 days and continue to act for 4 months.


Fitodoc biological collar contains natural ingredients that can be used by pregnant females and puppies from eight weeks of age.

The impregnation ingredients are essential oils of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, citronella, margosa. They are gradually distributed over the entire surface of the pet’s skin, scaring away and destroying mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

In the first days of wearing, parasites can be attached, but in the subsequent they die and spontaneously fall away. The action of the active components lasts for three months, subject to constant wear.

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