Cocker Spaniel sizes from puppy to adult dog

The actual size of the cocker spaniel exceeds the expectations of potential owners. Many believe that the cocker spaniel is a small dog, in fact it is a medium breed with an unexpected level of activity.

Brief history of the breed

The history of the spaniel breed begins in the 14th century. It is believed that the breed was bred in Spain. In the 15th century, spaniels were considered a variety of hunting hounds.

The first division of spaniels into species was documented in 1801. The breed was divided into two types:

  • Springer is a hound dog.
  • Cocker is a dog that was used to hunt woodcocks (a secretive bird leading a nocturnal lifestyle).

By the 19th century, all dogs in the type of cocker spaniel were considered field hunting dogs. Note that the group of "field" dogs included about a dozen breeds that were similar to each other, but were used for hunting different animals.

Until the 1870s, all dogs in the breed type with a weight of less than 11 kg were considered cocker spaniels. In the 70s, cocker spaniels were divided into subspecies. It was then that the King Charles Spaniel breed was "founded". Confusion, among dogs weighing 11 kg or more, reigned until the 1900s. Only after the founding of the Kennel Club of Great Britain, were the Cocker Spaniels singled out as a breed.

It is interesting! After the founding of the Kennel Club of Great Britain, the breeding of the Cocker and Springer Spaniels was divided, which served as the reason for the consolidation of the gene pool.

However, the story of Springer and Cocker Spaniels is tightly interwoven. It is believed that the father and son of the springer spaniel breed became the progenitors of the English and American varieties of cocker spaniels. His father, Obo, was medium-haired and had a reddish color.

Son - About the second Junior had a spotty color and long coat. Both ancestors were born and were registered as cocker spaniels (although they were springers) before the official separation of the breeds.

To date, American and English Cocker Spaniels are recognized worldwide. Despite the innate working qualities, English cocker spaniels are rarely used in work. American Cocker Spaniels moved into the class of "decorative" dogs even earlier. The reason for "removal" from work is a long coat that requires care.

Monthly height and weight of cocker spaniel puppies

The height and weight of the cocker spaniel puppies for months is almost independent of the variety. American and English spaniels grow and develop at the same pace.

Monthly puppy growth at the withers is not regulated. Development may depend on:

  • Heredity, including genetic diseases
  • Living conditions - climate, ecology, type of housing.
  • The duration of the suction period and the nutritional value of breast milk.
  • Balance and timeliness of complementary foods.
  • The correctness of the calculation of the portion size and the compiled ration.
  • Frequency and balance of feeding.
  • Factors for the presence of hereditary diseases.

The pace of development is monitored by weight, provided that the puppy is not obese.

Monthly English and American Cocker Spaniel puppy weights:

From 0 to 10 days180-290 gr.
1 month0.9-1.5 kg.
2 months2.9-3.5 kg.
3 months4.9-6 kg.
4 months6.3-8.1 kg.
5 months8-10 kg.
6 months9-11.5 kg.
From 7 months10-12 kg.

Height and weight of the adult male cocker spaniel

According to the standard, the height and weight of an adult male English Cocker Spaniel should be:

  • Growth at the withers: 39-41 cm.
  • Weight: 12.5-14.5 kg.

The height and weight of the adult male American Cocker Spaniel should be:

  • Growth at the withers: 36.8-39.4 cm.
  • Weight: 8-15 kg.

Dogs look courageous and stronger than bitches. Adult males have a more proud stance and hold their heads high. The head of the males is larger, the forehead is wider, the cheekbones are stronger. It is important to remember that with improper cultivation. Representatives of the breed often suffer from hormonal diseases and excess weight. The weight of dogs with obesity can reach 17-20 kg.

Height and Weight of an Adult Cocker Spaniel Female

By standard, the height and weight of an adult female English Cocker Spaniel should be:

  • Growth at the withers: 38-39 cm.
  • Weight: 12.5-14.5 kg.

The height and weight of the adult female American Cocker Spaniel should be:

  • Height at the withers: 34.3-36.8 cm
  • Weight: 8-15 kg.

Adult females of the Cocker Spaniel look more refined, but are not inferior in physical potential. Usually, the head of bitches is smaller, the features of the cheekbones and forehead are not so pronounced, but the proportions are observed. Among females there are dogs with a borderline upper indicator of height and weight, but at the same time they should look “feminine”. Bitches in the male type are considered marriage.

It is interesting! For the cocker spaniel, especially for the female, the severe expression of the eyes and muzzle is unacceptable.

How to measure a cocker spaniel

Measurements need to be taken for several reasons:

  • Track development - you need to determine the height at the withers and weight.
  • Choose clothes - you need to measure the neck circumference, back length and chest circumference under the elbows.
  • Choose shoes - you need to measure the length and width of the paw, the height of the metacarpus and the volume of the wrist.

For weighing, it is better to use electronic scales of sufficient capacity. Such scales should be in all veterinary clinics. Puppies can be weighed on a kitchen scale.

Growth is measured as follows:

  • We put the dog in a rack near the wall, cabinet, another surface.
  • Make a mark with a pencil at the level of the withers.
  • We measure the distance from the floor to the mark.

Note! The length of the back is the distance from the base of the tail to the base of the neck.

Measurements for clothes and shoes are made with a centimeter tape. Measurements should be taken at the widest point of girth.

Sizes of clothes and shoes for cocker spaniel

Sizes of overalls are selected along the length of the back, the circumference of the chest and neck. Shoes are also selected according to measurements, American and English cocker spaniels fit size S:

  • Paw length - 6.5 cm.
  • Paw width - 5 cm.
  • The height of the metacarpus is 11 cm.
  • Wrist Volume - 12.5 cm

Important! If you are not sure of the correct measurements or do not know which model is suitable for your pet, shoes are best measured. You can try on shoes at a pet store, but order them online.

Cocker Spaniel Collar Sizes

Collar dimensions that you need to consider before buying:

  • Full length
  • Length to Clasp.
  • Width.

When choosing a collar, it is extremely important to pay attention to the types of fasteners and materials from which the fittings are made. For American and English Cocker Spaniels, collars of sizes are suitable:

  • SM: 35-41cm.
  • M: 39-45cm.

The buttoned collar must not squeeze the pet’s neck or interfere in any other way. Between the neck and the collar, two fingers must pass and turn freely.

Tip: for the convenience of the ward, it is better to opt for a collar that fastens properly in a 1-2 hole or purchase a nylon collar that is adjustable in length.

Sizes of sunbed and booth, house or aviary for cocker spaniel

A cocker spaniel is an apartment dog, but in order to educate, ensure safety or for temporary overexposure, a cage or aviary may be required. In addition, to organize a resting place for the dog, you will need a lounger or a house.

The minimum dimensions of a sunbed and booth, house or aviary / cage for the American and English cocker spaniel:

  • Rugs, beds - sizes L and M - at least 50x50 cm, excluding sides.
  • A cage or aviary - a minimum of 116x75x70 (width, depth, height).

In the enclosure for the dog, a sunbed, bowls, and, if necessary, a tray should be freely located.

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